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6 Tips for Making a Stunning Website

There is only one week left to enter the Awesome Background Competition, where you could win a digital camera just by making a Jimdo website. For everyone who hasn't yet entered, we want to share 6 tips for creating an incredible site using our new custom background feature


1. Start with a great image.



You'll want a high-resolution image for your background. Make sure that it's visually interesting, but not so busy that it will distract the viewer from your content. You can either take the photo yourself or try using stock images from professional photographers


2. Keep your text visible.


Use contrasting colors to keep your text visible above your beautiful background image. Try white text on a transparent black background for a great visual effect. 


3. Check the alignment.

Depending on the image you're using, you may want to align your content on the left or right side. With the right balance, you'll attract people to your page with a captivating image and keep them there with interesting content. 

4. Go full screen.

A phenomenal full screen image is a great foundation for a beautiful website. Make sure that once you've got your high-resolution image that you set it full screen—tiled images usually end up looking tacky or causing headaches. 


5. Don't lose your head, but do lose your header.

Avoid clashing images by using a transparent header image. Keep it simple and only put a title in your header—text on top of a background image stands out really well. 


6. Lights, camera, website.

We think that our new video backgrounds feature is absolutely incredible, and the right video background can make your site stand out. Simple videos without too much movement work great and set the mood for the website without distracting your visitors. 


Now go forth and create a beautiful website.

You have one more week to win some awesome prizes by creating a website with a custom background.


Prizes include a Nikon 1 J3, a GoPro Hero3, a lifetime JimdoBusiness package, and lots of other Jimdo goodies.



Devon Atkins

Resident Antipodean






Jimdo Goes HTML5

HTML5: The Future of Your Website


Starting today, all Jimdo websites are compatible with HTML5, which is the latest standard for structuring the content on websites. We announced a few weeks ago that we would remove some old code from Jimdo, ultimately paving the way for today's announcement that all HTML5 elements can now be used with any Jimdo website


Jimdo is still totally accessible to people with absolutely no knowledge of coding. If you've never heard of HTML before, the important thing to know is that HTML5 makes the technology behind your website better, faster, and more robust. 


Powerful new widgets.

Adding interactive widgets to your Jimdo site is as easy as copying code into a Widget / HTML element. With HTML5, you can now use the latest versions of popular widgets to add awesome functionality to your Jimdo website.


Throughout the next few days, we're going to highlight great widgets that you can use on your Jimdo site. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see our widget recommendations and to receive other tips about web design, SEO, social media, and more.


A big step forward.

Even if you've never used widget before or you feel like HTML is a foreign language, we want you to know that this change is a big step into the future for Jimdo. Moving forward, our compatibility with HTML5 means that a whole host of new possibilities are open to us, and we can't wait to explore them so that we can make Jimdo better for you. 



Dan Gray

HTML5 compliant