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Vote for Jimdo in "The Europas" - TechCrunch Europe's Awards

Every vote counts! Vote Jimdo for Europe's best web application!

The nominations for TechCrunch's "The Europas" were just announced, and Jimdo has been nominated in a couple categories! The European counterpart of TechCrunch, the most important and most widely-read tech blog, has decided to celebrate and highlight Europe's web scene with the TechCrunch European Awards 2009. They've selected startups in 14 categories from all over Europe -- you can vote to decide who is best!

Jimdo's Nominations

Your favorite web site creator has been nominated in two categories. The two links below take you right to the voting page. You only have until Thursday, July 2nd to choose, so do it now!

Jimdo needs your help! Vote for Jimdo so that everyone can see what a great service we are :) Tell your friends, ask them to tell their friends. Every vote counts (and think about the Jimdo founders, who would love to go to London for the award ceremony!)


We're really honored to be considered for the Europas and the chance to prove how great Jimdo is. Thanks for your support!






Jimdo Server Updates & Statistics Downtime

Server Updates

The Jimdo developers (see them on our team page) have been working really hard the last few months to create new features & all sorts of improvements for Jimdo users. In order to make these future changes go more quickly and smoothly, we're doing a system-wide update. It started over the weekend (at the end of May) with a server in China, and it will, in total, last around 2 weeks.


Not to worry -- your site will still be online for everyone to see. The editing function will be temporarily disabled for the duration of the update. In fact, it's only when our migration team is working on the specific server that your site lives on, that you won't be able to make changes. We're estimating that can be anywhere from 24-36 hours.


The first servers with English-language Jimdo sites are getting their code tune-up as I'm writing this post. We're keeping a thread in the forum updated, click through below for the latest information.

Forum Topic with latest updates:

Important System Updates [May 27 - June 10, 2009]

Statistics Downtime

Jimdo has grown very quickly, and we've got so many amazing Jimdo sites that are attracting a ton of visitors.
This is great and you all deserve a huge congratulations, but it also means that our statistics system is overloaded and can't handle the traffic right now.


At this time, visitor statistics are not being updated anymore. Our engineers and developers are already trying their very best to get the stats up and running again. You are not going to lose any stats or counts, not even from the time period (right now) when the statistics aren't being shown. Phew! What a relief!


If you don't want to miss out on using a statistics system, you can add a free statistics tool to your Jimdo Page: Google Analytics. We explain how to add it to your site in our Google Analytics help article.

As soon as our tech crew has fixed this problem we will notify you in the forum topic on the statistics module!


To all the Jimdo users, thanks so very much for your incredible patience during our growing pains!