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Dropping Prices for Additional Domains

Jimdo has slashed the prices for additional domains! One domain is already included in JimdoPro and two domains in JimdoBusiess. If you want additional domains for your JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness site, starting now you'll pay a lot less -- we've lowered the prices on extra domains by over 50%. And if you wanted an special TLD (like .eu or .ch) you'll find that those prices are lower now too.

The new prices are for everyone, including if you've already ordered additional domains. Starting right now, you'll save money on them!

For more details, view all the new prices.






Extended: Jimdo Online Store Sales Fee Waiver

Great news for all JimdoFree and JimdoPro users who are running stores on their websites. The sales fee that was originally set to apply starting July 1, 2010 is being postponed. We're extending the fee-free period by 3 more months!

Starting October 1st of this year we'll be introducing the sales fee for items sold from stores on JimdoPro (5%) and JimdoFree (10%) sites. If you have a JimdoBusiness site, there's no change for you: there's no sales fee for JimdoBusiness stores.

We wish you a successful (and lucrative) summer!






Celebrate Summer with over 30 Brand New Layouts

The designers at Jimdo have put their heads together and created lots of great new layouts for you! There are a total of 34 new layouts online. JimdoFree users can use 11 of them, JimdoPro users can use 22 layouts, and JimdoBusiness sites now have access to all 34 new layouts!

And of course, we haven't forgotten a preview, so look through the galleries below to decide which of the new layouts you'l use to jazz up your JimdoPage for summer. Enjoy!

12 New Layouts for JimdoBusiness

11 New Layouts for JimdoBusiness and JimdoPro

11 New Layouts for EVERYONE!






Thousands of Buttons - Buttons to the People Contest

To celebrate summer, all the different Jimdo languages are organizing an awesome "button" contest!
The theme: Jimdo! (what else?) Creatives, designers, supporters, and fans of Jimdo -- anyone who's interested -- this contest is for you!

The idea came from the Jimdo Japan team… during the festivities for Jimdo's 1st birthday in Japan, they made lots and lots of buttons, each one cooler than the next. Some of them made it to Hamburg, so we all started putting together ideas for our own.

Then we got the idea -- why not ask our users to join in? We know that lots of you are handy with image editors, we've seen the proof of your talents on your Jimdo sites! So, if you are interested, get brainstorming, and share your best ideas with the Jimdo community!


What can you win?
The three winners will get a special (really special) surprise package from us and we'll profile them in the blog and in the newsletter. A little exposure can't hurt! :)

How to Participate

We've put together a template for you (see right). The template is for buttons that are 38mm in diameter and have a visible part (the red inner circle) and a part that won't be visible later (the black outer circle)

Your button design needs to have a resolution of at least 300dpi. To make sure that the colors are printed the way you want, we encourage you to use CMYK format for color designs and bitmap-format for black and white designs. (Preferred formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF) And of course, use whatever image editor you like best (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, InDesign, etc.).


Here's where you'll find more Jimdo photos and logo resources:

You can download the template and some instructions below -- in .ZIP format.

Button Contest Template and Tutorial
templates and design instructions in this zip file
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [290.5 KB]

The Contest Fine Print

Everyone can participate, and submit as many designs as you would like. Jimdo will choose select designs for the community vote on, and YOU all will decide which three will win! By submitting your design, you agree to let Jimdo use your design for promotional materials, including reproduction and printing. Your design may be edited before printing. The winning designs will be printed by the French company "Underock Prod". We'd like to thank them for their support!

Send your button designs by June 30, 2010, to contest@jimdo.com

Have fun designing your buttons and good luck in the voting. We're looking forward to seeing your ideas and submissions!