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Jimdo Video Contest - and that's all, folks!


That’s it for this year's Jimdo Video Contest! Today is the official deadline for submissions, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who submitted a video this time around. We received some great submissions: You’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry (well, maybe not really cry), you kept us at the edge of our seat!


Now we would like to share this viewing enjoyment with all of you, dear readers, in the Jimdo community. Our Jimdo jury is already making its way to the screening room to get the videos winnowed down to a manageable selection. Then it’s your turn: you decide which videos are the best of the bunch. We’ll choose the grand prize winner, but everything else is up to you. Voting starts on July 18, so stay tuned – but we’ll fire off a blog post just to remind you again.






Jimdo San Francisco Launch Party Photos

Last month, the Jimdo USA team hosted a party in San Francisco to celebrate the opening of our U.S. office.


We had a great time: talking with local Jimdo users who came, looking at the gallery of Jimdo sites up around the room, eating real German bread from Brown Bear Bakery, making action flipbooks (more on that below), and hanging out with new friends and old from San Francisco.


More pictures below -- including more about the Jimdo users who came out.


Many thanks to Podio for letting us use their space to throw our party!

Jimdo Users

We'll be unveiling Jimdo User Spotlights about each of these local San Francisco Jimdo users who came to our party -- but to give you a little taste of what's to come, read (and see them at our party):

Action Flipbooks

Matthew from Action Flipbooks came out with his flipbook-making gear and props. Everyone at the launch party had the chance to make a flipbook. You can see a few pictures of people posing in the gallery below.


Plus, we have Matthew and his team to thank for providing the music and DJing throughout the night.

Update: We interviewed Matt for an in-person Jimdo Spotlight on Action Flipbooks. Don't miss the video from the Jimdo party

Basic Cookies

We found out that Kacie started her business recently with a JimdoPage -- Basic Cookies -- delivering homemade to Silicon Valley and parts of SF. We ordered some cookies for the party, and it was awesome when Kacie herself stayed to hang out for a bit.


If you're in the area and need a delivery of delicious sweets, check out Basic Cookies!

Yuki Yamagata

What would Jimdo be without a little international representation at our launch? Luckily we discovered Yuki Yamagata, an illustrator and artist from Japan currently studying at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


To commemorate the occasion, Yuki presented us with the beautiful illustration you see at the top of this post. Thank you Yuki!

Bike Wrappers

Another San Francisco entrepeneur, Brent Thomas, has JimdoPages for his two businesses -- Bike Wrappers and Dog Wrappers.  We wrote him to see if he'd be interested in joining our Jimdo USA celebration. Lucky for us, Brent came and brought bike wrappers to show off.


Take a peek at the gallery below to see the bike wrappers in action!


More Launch Party Pictures






Last call for videos - Jimdo Video Contest


All you amateur filmmakers out there, take note: there's less than a week left to participate in the Jimdo Video Contest. Get those cameras rolling - the contest ends on Thursday, June 30, 2011.


Remember - there are lots of great prizes to win!


What to do now

You can start by reading up on:


But the most important thing is - get that video finished! And don't forget the submission form so we know where to send the MacBook Pro!


The sun is shining in San Francisco, and it looks like the perfect weekend for filming. Have a great one!






No room in Apple's spaceship for iWeb? Take off with Jimdo!

No room in Apple's new spaceship for iWeb? Image courtesy of cupertino.org
No room in Apple's new spaceship for iWeb? Image courtesy of cupertino.org

Apple is launching iCloud this year, so they're no longer accepting new signups for MobileMe. It will shut down completely in June 2012. If you're using iWeb, what does that mean for you? Besides needing to find somewhere else to host your site, iWeb itself might be discontinued.


We don't think that's fair or right, so we're inviting all iWeb users to come to Jimdo. We'll help you transfer your site to Jimdo, where you can be assured your site will be safe. After you transfer your site's content, you'll never have to worry about hosting again or a company where your website isn't the most important thing! Jimdo's just as easy, if not easier, to use than iWeb.


iWeb → Jimdo

An Up to Date and Modern Website Builder

Instead of just finding another host for iWeb, by switching to Jimdo you'll start using a state-of-the-art and modern website builder. iWeb hasn't had a major update since 2009, while Jimdo is constantly improving and launching new features: in the last month we added Dropbox integration and created a mobile-friendly of every Jimdo site, complete with mobile checkout for Jimdo online stores.


Easiest Move Ever

So take the plunge! Sign up for a free Jimdo account and move your site over - we can't wait to have you join us! And don't worry - we'll help you every step of the way.


To get you started, we've put together a tutorial for moving from iWeb:

If you have questions about moving your site, you can get help in our support forum at Get Satisfaction. If you post a question, tag it iWeb -- we'll be monitoring those questions closely.






Dropbox & Jimdo: upload faster, anytime, anywhere

Have you heard of Dropbox? At Jimdo, we like it a lot. It's one of the easiest ways to share files with friends and coworkers without cluttering up your inboxes with files. Dropbox is online -- and if you connect your computer to Dropbox, you'll have your files in a folder there, too. To share documents, all you have to do is create a folder and invite everyone by email who you want to allow access to it. And now, together with your JimdoPage, uploading images and other files will be blindingly fast!


Dropbox and Jimdo: uploading has never been easier or quicker!

How’s that for teamwork? As you saw in the video, thanks to the new Dropbox function, you can add new content to your site in the blink of an eye -- and you can do it from anywhere!


A few examples:

  • No more long uploads from your computer: your pictures and files go directly from Dropbox to JimdoPage. The direct connection between the servers makes it super speedy.
  • What if you're in another country (or just traveling in another city) without your computer? Well, you can still work on your JimdoPage! Just save everything you'll need in Dropbox, and you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. 
  • Say you're working on a JimdoPage with people spread out in different cities or countries. No problem! Just save your files in a shared Dropbox folder, then upload them from there. No need to email 20 versions of the files back and forth.
  • Even faster with Dropbox and Jimdo: If you're out taking pictures with your phone camera, save them to Dropbox -- and your friends at home can upload them directly to the website!


Pretty awesome, right? You don't have to take my word for it -- take a look at the video again. We're really excited to share this feature with you, making it easier to edit your website whether you have your personal computer or not, and whether you're working alone or with a group!


How to Get Started

To use the new function, you'll need to link your Dropbox account with your JimdoPage. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can sign up for free.


The next time you want to upload pictures, click on the "Dropbox" button. You'll be taken automatically into your JimdoPage settings.


Confirm that you want to use Dropbox with your JimdoPage and log into Dropbox.


Now your Dropbox and JimdoPage are working together! You can browse through the files in your Dropbox and place them directly on your JimdoPage -- no need to upload from your computer anymore!