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Jimdo's Big Jump to Japan

Fridtjof, Matthias, & Christian with Hiromitsu Miyanishi and Teppei Takahata of Team Japan
Fridtjof, Matthias, & Christian with Hiromitsu Miyanishi and Teppei Takahata of Team Japan

Big in Japan!

Last Thursday Christian, Fridtjof, and Matthias left on a trip to Asia. They met the Jimdo Team in Shanghai, China and landed in Tokyo on Monday.


To see what they've been up to, take a look at the site that they've been "lifestreaming" with Twitter updates and lots of photos. It's a mix of German and English, but the pictures are worth more than a thousand words!


But that's not the big announcement today, this is:


the Japanese version of Jimdo is now online!


The launch took place today at a joint press conference with our Japanese partner KDDI Web Communications. KDDI Web Communications is a subsidiary of the second largest telecommunications company in Japan, and they've put together a great team in Tokyo that's going to take care of all the new Japanese users. Here's a big thank you to all the work that the Japan Jimdo team has done preparing for the launch. You guys are great!

We're really excited here about unveiling Jimdo in Japan and we're really looking forward to see how the Japanese users like it. Here's something fun -- "Japanese for Jimdonauts":




Pronounced like this: Subete no hito ni home page o. It's Japanese for "Pages to the People!" :)

One final treat before we wrap up this post -- here's an awesome video that the Jimdo team in Japan put together. Three cheers for Jimdo!


All the best from Hamburg and Tokyo :D

- the Jimdo team






Jimdo Spotlight Jolie Mack Designs


Did you know that Jimdo cracked the 500.000 sites mark?

Wow! We’re pretty amazed ourselves and began to wonder:
Who are the people behind the pages?
We figured you might be curious too.

Every couple of weeks we would like to present a unique Jimdo user to our community.

Today we’re starting off with the terrific Jimdo-Supporter Jolie Mack from Canada.

She designs her own jewelery which she promotes on her Jolie Mack Designs Jimdo-Page.

Besides her enthusiastic support of Jimdo, Jolie is a strong, confident woman with a great, upbeat personality. She can be counted as a role model for self-employed women anywhere in the world.

This is why, with no further ado, our Jimdo User Spotlight... Jolie Mack!


Interview with jewelery designer Jolie Mack

Describe yourself in five words:
Neurotic, slightly (this word doesn't count) obsessive, melancholy, moody, awkward maybe? Five words aren't enough really, there's a lot more. And better ones too, like focused and then there's distracted easily, and chatty.

How old are you?
Old enough to know who the Smurfs, the Golden Girls, and The A Team are.

Was this your original choice of career or how did you end up designing jewelery?

Let's be fair and say that I have never actually chosen a career. It has never occurred to me to do that. I have been many things: a band member, a wedding planner, a waitress, a bartender, a makeup artist, an advertising hustler, a marketing developer, and over the last 8 years, a Mom of twins.
Having the steady hands of a veterinarian, making jewelery was a natural choice. It has allowed me to quit the bar job that I "loved" so much and keep my own hours.

Like most things, my business came to be by necessity and accident: I knew I needed to change careers but discovering my designing ability was a happy accident (kind of like my kids.) Putting the two things together seemed the thing to do at the time.

What makes Jolie Mack jewelery so special and why does the world need it?
Anything that is made with care and attention is very special. The technicality or finishing of a jewelery design is crucial - paying attention to the tiny details. I hand-file every wire end, I am very aware of the balance of the design, the way it hangs or lays, and the comfort of the piece. Proper assembly ensures that all of components stay together. The only way to achieve this kind of quality is to produce every design by hand, myself.
Although my designs are certainly unique, competitors are everywhere. There is a designer out there who can recreate my jewelery and perhaps even improve upon it! But because of the ethics I believe in, my business is a breath of fresh air to those who choose Jolie Mack Designs. Customer satisfaction, personalized communication and fair business practice are values that set my business apart from others. These philosophies make my clients feel special, keep them coming back and ultimately, add a bit more sparkle to the jewelery.

However, it's much more work!

"I quickly realized that having my own website for only time and no money was a reality!  Good news, considering I had a fancy website quoted for $8000!"


Who are your customers?
Those who purchase are usually closer to home, here in Canada. My demographic leans toward the 30-something professional woman. Interestingly though, it seems that each individual design grabs its own micro-demographic, depending on its colour, shape, length, materials and price point.

How did you find out about Jimdo in the first place? Do you have a favorite Jimdo-feature?
Facebook is a very important tool for professional exposure and so I spend a lot of time on there. About a year ago I searched the Facebook applications for websites and Jimdo popped up. I was curious because the name was so perplexing (I always want to say Jimbo (...surprisingly enough, quite a few other people do too! Who would have known...?!)) and the little logo (I'm a logo junkie) was so...smiley. I committed myself to using what Jimdo offered and as I began to work with its abilities, I quickly realized that having my own website for only time and no money was a reality! Good news, considering I had a fancy website quoted for $8000!
Gosh a fave feature? I get along with them all! I like how easily it is to move things around, add and remove pages, build pretty picture galleries and edit my content.


What features would you like to see Jimdo develop next? What updates would help make your site better?

The only thing that I truly wish for every night when I go to bed is a Jimdo shopping cart! Oh yay, what a dream come true would that be!! The world would be my oyster if I could sell my jewelery like an internet gypsy through a Jimdo feature.

“…through Jimdo's own marketing,

Jolie Mack Designs receives plenty of European exposure with little effort! That's just one more thing off my busy mind. Jimdo has been instrumental in the success of my business and I say thank you.”

How has your Jimdo page helped you and/or your career so far?
Well, let me count the ways! First off, if Jimdo's templates, fonts, and ease of use weren't so delightful then I would be out a boat load of cash for a pro-designed website - cash that I need to keep the business running. Secondly, Jimdo allows me to present a beautiful site to my clients and world. My site is reliable, updated, and provides fabulous communication with potential customers through its forms, picture galleries and social networking. Third, through Jimdo's own marketing, Jolie Mack Designs receives plenty of European exposure with little effort! That's just one more thing off my busy mind. Jimdo has been instrumental in the success of my business and I say thank you.

Do you have a recommendation of another Jimdo page that you would like to share with us and our readers?

There are so many gorgeous Jimdo pages that I couldn't even go through and pick one. I am attracted to Jimdo pages that are heavy with photos though, because the galleries look great. I do suggest that all Jimdo users take some time now and then to explore the Jimdo environment. Browse the pages to see the other creative ideas used to construct Jimdo sites. The possibilities are endless and you'll likely be inspired to work further on your own special page.

Jolie, best wishes for your future and thank you very much for this interview!

Would you like to be in our next Jimdo User Spotlight? Leave us a note in the comments!







New Faces at Jimdo!

This blog post is a little bit delayed, but I still want to introduce myself and a few of the other new folks here at Jimdo.


Powen Shiah

U.S. Country Manager


If you've written Jimdo support with a question lately, you may have gotten a reply from me. My name is Powen Shiah, and I started at the beginning of this year as the U.S. country manager. I'm responsible for Jimdo in the U.S. (and wherever English-speaking users live). I'm really happy to see how many of you there already are. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems, or feedback, I am all ears. Write in the forum (I'll definitely see it), email it to support, or contact me through my Jimdo page.


Daniel Bonkowski

Server Administrator


Daniel keeps our computers running and helps Michael out with lots of exciting new projects for the Jimdo office. With another pair of hands, who knows what cool things may be coming our way -- LDAP servers? VOIP? Upgrading the office internet connection? With Daniel, anything and everything is possible. Daniel has been a very welcome addition to Jimdo since February 2009!


Kathleen Priess

Accounting & Controlling


Kathleen handles all the issues related to accounting and controlling at Jimdo. She joined our merry band in January 2009 and is currently working on her degree in Controlling & Marketing at the University of Applied Science in Stralsund.

Curious about who else "powers" Jimdo? See all of us on the team page.