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Tips for a Succcessful Online Store - Part 1: The Look

Jimdo's new online store feature lets you set up a store of your very own on your site. It's easy and hassle-free! With a store on your site, you can sell your products in the biggest market in the world: the internet. But maybe getting started is a little daunting… What's the best way to get started? What do you need to keep in mind?

We've collected some tips to help get you started on your online store. The first installment (of four, probably) is below.

Part 1: Your Store's Appearance

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to design - so much depends on your audience. Be sure to know who you're targeting!


Designing the Home Page

Your website should match the type of store you have. In most cases, modern and simple designs seem more professional and inspire more trust from potential clients who may not know you and your website yet. The first impression makes a difference, and most visitors will decide within a few seconds whether they're staying on your site.

If you're planning on using your Jimdo site solely as an online store, you can and probably should promote some products (like special offers or sales) on the homepage. You could also highlight the different types or categories of items you sell.

You can also add some season decorations or images on your homepage. For example, you might want to have spring-themed sales or Easter decorations. Don't forget to showcase new items!

If your online store is an important part of your website but not the entire site, we recommend you add a clear indicator or reference to the store on your homepage.

For example, the sample company website on the right has a small but unmistakable notice about the store on the homepage. In the sidebar, instead of highlighting store categories, there's the normal address and contact information.


Presenting Your Products

Online shoppers can't touch or feel the products, try them on or test them out. To compensate for this disadvantage, consider taking these steps:

  • Detailed and Honest Product Descriptions
    Don't give your customers the wrong impression by exaggerating or giving insincere descriptions of your items for sale! The more honest and accurate your descriptions are, the happier your clients will be when the shipment arrives. That also means you'll have more satisfied customers and fewer returns!
  • Photos
    Good photographs of your products make a huge difference in the success of your store. But you don't need to be a professional photographer to take good photos, just follow these tips to photographic success:
  • Spelling and Grammar
    Proofread proofread proofread! A little misspelling here or a sentence missing a crucial word might stop someone from clicking "Buy". Making sure your (figurative) i's are dotted and t's are crossed means your store is serious and respectable, so have a friend take a look for you!


Keeping Your Store and Website Updated

It might sound obvious, but every website owner should always keep this in mind: successful websites and successful online stores have fresh content! For example:

  • Regularly highlight different products or product categories through special offers or sales
  • Limit the duration of your sales and offers, to give your customers more incentive to buy… and don't forget the end date of your sales!
  • Feature newly arrived items - show your customers things are happening in your store and that they can always check for new stuff.


To be continued…

The second installment of our series of tips for a successful online store is coming soon! It'll go over some of the legal things to keep in mind when running your store: general information, tips, and how you can check to make sure you're staying on the right side of the law... (but we are not your lawyer and can't offer legal advice!)


Read "Tips for a Successful Online Store - Part 2: Getting Your Legal Ducks in a Row" here!


Did you enjoy our tips? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, please!






Upping Pro and Business Email Storage


That's right, we're increasing the amount of storage for all Jimdo email accounts by 1000%!


You don't need to do anything, your account has already been automagically updated by Jimdo's email elves to 10GB :-) No need to worry anymore about whether to keep an attachment or having to clean out your inbox to save space. Though you might want to keep it clean and organized so you can find what you're looking for! (Just another practical tip from the Jimdo team...)

Go enjoy all that new space for emails... don't use it all up in one place!






No Sales Fee for JimdoBusiness

First of all, thank you for your comments and feedback about the new online store!


We are always really happy to hear from you… when it's praise we're overjoyed but we also appreciate your constructive criticism and improvement suggestions. There have been some questions and concerns about the sales fee, so we've been thinking about how we could make this work while taking your comments into consideration.The decision we've come to:

JimdoBusiness won't have a sales fee!

We definitely understand that you didn't like the idea of having to pay a sales fee after June 30th, even if you have Jimdo's top package. Based on your feedback and our discussions, we decided exempt JimdoBusiness. The sales fee is staying for JimdoFree and JimdoPro.

Just so there aren't any misunderstandings - how much, starting when, why - here's a run-down:

  • We're waiving the sales fees (for JimdoFree and JimdoPro) through June 30, 2010: this means anything you sell in your store between now and June 30th is sales-fee-free!
  • The sales fee starts on July 1, and it's only when you actually sell something in your store. Unlike other online stores, we don't charge you for adding items. So there's no risk!
  • If you don't use the store, then don't worry: there are absolutely no charges or fees.
  • Sales fees are pretty standard for online stores and ecommerce solutions. We've reviewed what's available, and we still think that we're one of the best deals out there.
  • As much as we would love for Jimdo to be completely free all the time, it's just not feasible. The online store function is the result of several months of hard work by our development team, and hard work that continues, since we'll be constantly improving and updating the store.


As always, thanks for reading, and we hope you're as happy as we are that JimdoBusiness will stay sales fee free!






JimdoBusiness Price Increase on March 9, 2010

Buy Me Now!
Buy Me Now!


An important announcement: if you've been thinking about upgrading your JimdoPage to JimdoBusiness, take the leap! Starting Tuesday, March 9, 2010, JimdoBusiness is available at the new price only. Check here for an overview of all prices and features for the different Jimdo versions.


Current JimdoBusiness users: don't worry, this doesn't affect you. It only applies to *new* sites that are purchased after Tuesday. If you upgrade to JimdoBusiness before March 9th, then you can continue to enjoy the old price! And of course, when you renew, you'll renew at the old price. In short: you keep the price you started with!

If you've ever thought you might want to upgrade to JimdoBusiness (for the domains, the email accounts, the additional storage -- there are lots of reasons!) now is definitely the time to do it.


Not sure if you want to upgrade? Take a peek at all that JimdoBusiness offers.






Birthday New Feature & Quiz Follow-Up

We've got fun news and not-so-good news. The fun news is about the new feature released for Jimdo's birthday -- read about it at the bottom. The not-so-good news is about the t-shirts for the quiz-takers... read about that right below. We'll get it out of the way first.

Birthday Quiz

Sadly... very sadly... no one answered all the questions on the quiz correctly! Here's a review of the correct answers:

  1. Jimdo launched 3 years ago on February 19, 2007
  2. There are now over 2 million JimdoPages
  3. One of Jimdo's founders is named Fridtjof Detzner
  4. The Jimdo system was originally developed on a farmhouse in Cuxhaven, Germany
  5. Features available for JimdoPro but not JimdoFree:
    1. Hide login link
    2. your own domain name
    3. 5GB Storage (not 3GB)
    4. 5 password-protected areas (not just 1)
  6. You can change the color of links in the Style section
  7. A favicon is an icon for a website that appears when you visit it
  8. When adding an element, the first one that appears is heading
  9. There are 35 special layouts available for regular Jimdo sites
  10. We hope you got this one right -- the best free website creator in the world is Jimdo!
  11. There were (at the time of the quiz) 36 Jimdo team members around the world
  12. The company's name is a compound word from "Jim" and just "do" it
  13. Virgule is wearing a Jimdo t-shirt on the team page
  14. What's the new feature? Read on to the next section!

New Birthday Feature

Most of you got this right on the birthday quiz! The new feature for Jimdo's 3rd birthday is a custom background! Now if you log in and go to the Style section, you can click on the new custom background section and upload your own image! Don't forget to choose whether the image should be tiled (repeated) horizontally and/or vertically.

Don't have any background images of your own at the moment? Not to worry, we've found a few places where you can look. But remember to check the copyright/use licenses:

Enjoy! (and here are some examples of sites with custom backgrounds)