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New Tools for your JimdoPage

Every once in a while, we discover an awesome new tool, widget, service (whatever!) that we just know Jimdo users will love. Sometimes it's something we start using ourselves, and sometimes it's Jimdo users who write us to tell us about something great they've discovered.


In that spirit, here are three new tools!

Do you run a B&B or vacation rental? Then we've got a great partner for you. With bookatonce, you can add an online booking assistant to your JimdoPage and start renting out your rooms right on your website.


With 99designs you can pick a logo for your website or company and have it customized! Or you can start a design content on for a unique logo. Different designers will create logos for you -- you just choose the best one!


Engage your site visitors, provide customer service, and improve your conversion rate with live chat from SnapEngage right on your website!


Ready for more? Take a look at our tools pages. We have design tips, widgets, and business tools.






We've Got Your Number: Jimdo Layouts Now Numbered

Did you notice? A little while ago, we made a small but really useful change in Jimdo's layout system: now every single Jimdo layout has a unique number - no more mixups!


Why it's awesome:

  • If you have a question or problem, you can tell our support team exactly which layout you mean instead "the 3rd JimdoFree from the right in the 2nd to last row"
  • Our design tutorials can be detailed
  • We can tell you exactly which layouts are new
  • ... and much more! Now, when you click on "layout details" you can see what style features can be customized - font, background, etc. Pretty cool, right?







Four Years of Jimdo - a Review

Click to see the entire infographic
Click to see the entire infographic


Happy Birthday Jimdo!

Four years of Jimdo... For a startup, that's an eternity! We're really happy to be able to celebrate the fourth year of our existence.

You can see a recap of all the exciting events of our history in the video (above) or in the infographic (right). You'll discover how many JimdoPages there are, how many office plants and pets there are in the Jimdo office, as well as the average Jimdo team member's shoe size :-)

And of course, a huge thank you to you, our users! Your suggestions help us keep on dreaming up cool new stuff every day!






Left, Right, Center, and now Full Justification!

Great things come in small packages! Today we've got a small feature for you -- often requested, so we're really happy to be able to roll out an improvement to the text element. Starting now, you can set your text alignment to full "justification"!

Tip: In web design, fully justified text is rarely used, because there's no automatic hyphenation at the end of the line. So make sure to check that there aren't any big spaces in your paragraphs if you're using full justification, since this can make it more difficult to read...

But done correctly, this type of alignment can look great on your website and add a little je ne sais quoi to a professional site.

We hope you enjoy the new mini-feature!






Helping Japan

We're relieved -- relieved, that our colleagues at Jimdo in Japan are okay. We've heard from every single one that we don't have to worry about them.


But we're really saddened and shaken by the messages they're sending us -- in addition to the devastation we're seeing and reading about in the news.


Here's an excerpt from an email Teppei Takahata, head of the Jimdo team in Japan, wrote us:


"I don't know how media outside of Japan is reporting our situation. The serious damage occurred in the northern part of Japan, about 350 km away from Tokyo. It's estimated over 1,800 have died and there are thousands of disappearances, still increasing day by day. We cannot go there and I guess it will take about 10 years to rebuild...”


We asked our Japanese Jimdo coworkers how we could best help them. They suggested that we help could help the Red Cross collect donations with a campaign. The entire Jimdo team (all around the world) is supporting the campaign for helping Japan, and we would be really happy if you joined us in helping Japan get back on its feet.

Your donation will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross, since they are in the best position to know where funds are needed most.

The Jimdo team has chipped in, and we hope you will help however you can as well. Click the banner below to donate to help Japan...

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

We and our colleagues in Japan thank for your support!

If you'd like to add this button to your website, just copy the embed code below and paste it into a "HTML / Widget" element.


You can also right-click on the image and save it to your desktop. Remember to link it:






Your Stories -- Fresh and Exciting

image via nationaalarchief

A few weeks ago, we asked you for your stories - and you answered! Dear Jimdo users, we're so excited that so many of you have funny, crazy, awesome, and beautiful stories about your websites to share with us. Thanks for writing them down and sending them in to us!

Sadly, we couldn't fit all your stories into today's blog post, but we've decided something even better! We're going to keep collecting your stories, and every so often we'll post new stories from you in our "stories" category. Keep submitting your stories!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, here are today's tales. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading about your fellow Jimdo users'!

The Story of

Why did you create your website?
7 months ago, my son gave me the PC he wasn't using anymore. I started a blog first and introduced my calligraphy work there. That created the opportunity to create T-shirts with my art and I started to think about introducing my work on a website.

What’s your special story?
However, I faced a hard reality. I bought so many tutorial books and studied about making websites. But creating website was much harder than I expected. I was really set on introducing my t-shirts on a website, and so I found Jimdo. What an easy website creator! I took photos everyday and uploaded them to website, and yes, I could add a shopping cart! Beyond t-shirts, I started to introduce some Asian goods too. Just only 7 month, I become the website and web shopping owner. I went Indonesia to study displaying Asian goods, and now I’m planning to go Vietnam. I also go to language school for that. Who though I would be like this one year ago?

At the end of last year, I contracted with some cafes and started to introduce and sell my work there. My website was found through a search engine and introduced by a TV show! I was an ordinary housewife, but my life was completely changed by the Internet and Jimdo. Thank you so much, Jimdo!


The Story of Paul -

Paul's story takes place in Quebec, Canada. Over two years ago, Paul created his website in order to share his research about his ancestor Lucien Comettant (governor of Anticosti Island in Canada around 1900). One of Lucien Comettant's was composing music. Paul had the original scores at home and decided to show them on his website.


One day Paul was listening to the radio and happened to catch a history program. The historian was talking about Paul's website and explaining that visitors could see the original score for the famous French lullaby "Do do l'enfant Do, l'enfant dormira bientot." To Paul's great surprise, the composer of this well-known children's song was none other than his own grandfather, Lucien Comettant. With Jimdo, Paul would have never known what a treasure he had!







Vote Now - A New Name for our Supporter Program

Thanks to you, we've got some great suggestions on how to (re)name our supporter program for Jimdo fans, ambassadors, and helpers.


We're looking for a new name that will work internationally for the Jimdo Supporter program! We've gotten a lot of creative, funny, silly, crazy, and awesome ideas from all over the Jimdo world. We put our heads together and voted, and the top results are presented below for you to choose from. It's your turn now to vote on your favorite names for our Jimdo Supporters!


Let's get started! You'll find the top name suggestions on the right. You can vote until March 21, 2011. Just check off your favorites and click on "vote".


If you any questions about becoming a Jimdo Supporter, just ask! We're happy to have new faces join us :)


Thanks for voting! And as we may have mentioned before, the users who sent in the top 3 suggestions can look forward to a small fun surprise.

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