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New Feature: Awesome Backgrounds

Awesome Backgrounds


Earlier today we released a new feature that brings backgrounds to the forefront. For some time, it has been possible to use custom background images to personalize your Jimdo site. The new custom background feature adds a ton of new options, like the ability to set up a slideshow in your background that changes while your visitors look at your website. We're also releasing 9 new layouts that are designed to show off all the awesome new background images that you'll be uploading to your website. 


Completely redesigned.

It's now even easier to upload background images and adjust settings like tiling, alignment, and position. With the incredible new Custom Background panel, it's also easy to switch between a single background, a random background, and a background slideshow. You can find the Custom Background panel by clicking Style in the Site Admin. 


Bigger images. Brilliant effects.

Because you'll need large, high-quality images to get the full effect of the new background feature, we increased the size limit of background images to 5 MB. After you upload your images, there's an option to add a light or dark overlay, which provides a stunning effect when combined with gorgeous, high-resolution images. 


Captivating slideshows.

You can now upload 25 background images and play them as a slideshow at one of three speeds and with one of six different transitions. It's also possible to have a random background appear any time someone refreshes the page or visits a different subpage on your site. 


Incredible new layouts.

To complement the new custom background feature, we are releasing 9 new layouts that highlight stellar background images – 3 for JimdoFree (F4218, F4216, F4217), 3 for JimdoPro (P4223, P4224, P4215), and 3 for JimdoBusiness (B4219, B4225, B4226). Click the images below to see some of the new layouts. 


Awesome Backgrounds F4216


Awesome Backgrounds P4215


Awesome Backgrounds B4219



If you need some fantastic images for your site, check out the blog post we wrote a couple weeks ago about how to find free stock images online


We're so excited about all of the sites you are going to create with the new background feature and the new layouts. Leave a link to your site in the comments so we can check it out, or tweet a link to @jimdo. We can't wait to see everything you come up with. 



Dan Gray

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5 Tips for Your Jimdo Store

Top Tips for Your Jimdo STore

1. Make a separate page for each Store Item element.

In order to get the most from your store, it's a good idea to create a unique page for each item that you are selling. This will help boost your SEO and give a unique url to each item in your store. Start by editing your Navigation to create a new page in your store area. If you click the eyeball icon next to this new page, you can hide it in your navigation, but don't forget to link to it from somewhere else on your site! Add your Store Item element to the new page and then move on to step 2.


2. Add additional elements to your Store Item pages.

In addition to your Store Item element, you should add Text, Photo, and even Video Elements to these pages. This is a great place to put larger photos, instructional videos, and user reviews and testimonials. Make sure you enable the Pinterest feature on any additional Photo elements you place on the page as well as social media Share Buttons to help your customers spread the word.


3. Use tags and Store Catalog elements.

You can add tags to each Store Item element in the Text tab and these can be used to categorize your products. Once you have categories specified with various tags, you can make separate pages for each category and add a Store Catalog element to that page that is set to only display items with the tag of that category.


The Store Catalog now has three different display options including a simple slider. So play around with that along with the new style and spacing options.


4. Take advantage of the order export options.

Did you know that you can download a spreadsheet of all the orders that have been placed through your JimdoPage? Click the Store icon in the Site Admin, then click on both the Order and Order Archive tabs and you will see an Export Orders link at the bottom of the window. Click this for several options to export your data into a CSV that can be opened in any spreadsheet software and even many accounting packages.

Some users have used this to track very specific details like how much they charged their customers for shipping in the past month.


5. Include product variations to add flexibility to your store offerings.

Traditionally, Variations are used for Store Items with different size and color options, but you can be more creative by using this as a way to offer bulk packages or even expedited shipping options.


Want to sell 3 items for the price of 2 but can't find a way to do it? Try using Variations. You can enable Variations from the Price tab of any Store Item element. This will add a drop-down menu for that Store Item where your customers can choose different sizes, colors, quantities, and more. Each variation that you create can have its own description, price, inventory level, and item number.


Have your own tips?

We are always amazed by the unique solutions that our users come up with. Share your store tips and tricks with us in the comments below.



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6 Years of Jimdo in Numbers

Thank you for all your comments wishing us well on Jimdo's 6th birthday last week. It's been amazing hearing from all of you!


As we've done in years past, we've put together an infographic as a visual respresentation of Jimdo and our team. But it's not just about our average shoe size – though you'll find that too. We've also dug up a few interesting numbers about you!

  • How many Jimdo websites are there now?
  • How many images did Jimdo users upload last year?
  • How many new elements do Jimdo users add each second?

You'll find the answers to these burning questions and more in the infographic below. Click to view the entire image, which you can also download and share!


Jimdo Infographic


Powen Shiah

U.S. Country Manager