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The Jimdo T-Shirts arrived!


Finally... They are here! Our long-awaited and red hot Jimdo T-Shirts have finally made their way to our office. Needless to say that we had to jump at them to try them on and to have a little photo-session. Here are the results:


Also good news to the Jimdo Supporters: at least, we'll be able to send out the promised Supporter Package!! :)


All the best,
Your Jimdo Team







Rediscover the world of Jimdo


Do you like it colorful? Great - we've got something for you! From now on, it's time to explore our Pages Directory! Under "Explore" you can search for different tags - and the pages that fit your search key will pop up and catch your eye immediately!

So you can rediscover the world of Jimdo in a completely new way and see what happens at Jimdo! Just enter your search key under "Explore", e.g. "Jimdo" - and see all the pages that have been tagged with "Jimdo" pop up at once. Discover at first sight how many pages exist for certain topics. If you like one of the pages, just click on it and learn more: who created the Jimdo-Page, what other tags have been given to it? Explore endlessly through different pages and learn a lot - maybe you'll even discover some new Jimdo friends...?

How can you join? If you have already given your Jimdo Page under Jimdo Account > Tags some sensitive and fitting tags, you're automatically in because the new Jimdo Explorer visualizes everything which is a tag ;) So,
go ahead and take a look at your friends' tags - it's a lot of fun to look through the Jimdo-Pages... best thing is, you'll start your own exploration tour...








Try the new Jimdo comment module


Receiving feedback from your environment is a great thing. You get recognition for what you're doing or suggestions and tips for improvement. At Jimdo, we have a new comment module for that!


Communication between you and the visitors of your website are as good and easy as never before! How it works? Quite simply:

  • Set up kind of a mini forum, where you and your visitors can exchange thoughts and opinions
  • Let your friends make comments on the latest holiday pictures
  • Obtain opinions on your texts, videos, pictures etc.

The best thing is: If you leave a comment on another Jimdo Page while you're logged in at your own, your avatar picture and your name will automatically appear - as you can see on the picture on the right side.


On we already used the comment module to obtain your opinions of the Blog Beta - and we received so many great comments that gave us great pleasure and that helped us a lot. On your Jimdo Page you can have the same effect now...


Comment module instead of guestbook


Bit by bit, the comment module will replace the guestbook. We're already adapting all your guest books. But don't worry - of course, none of the old entries will get lost! The new module offers only advantages:

  • Administrate your comments! You decide if comments are published at once or if you have to approve them first. Or close a discussion when you think that there have been enough words.
  • Integrate as many comment modules as you want! Previously, you couldn't integrate a new guest book - no problem with the comment module...



So, go ahead - obtain and write comments for all your worth! Your friends will be pleased...



Have fun!


All the best,

Your Jimdo Team


P.S. As you know - we love your opinion, too! Maybe in kind of a comment on this blog post... ;-)







Blog Beta successfully started


Wow, we're absolutely overwhelmed! So many of you signed up for the Blog Beta and are now busy building up their blogs. Your feedback is just awsome, thank you so much! We almost can't keep up with answering your mails and comments.. :)

We continue to work on the blog features and already finished the technology for the categories. Now, we're working on the surface so that you'll be able to use it...


Furthermore, we added the following features to our list:

  • Post new blog articles to Technorati
  • Add widgets of blog articles to, mr. wong, webnews etc.
  • Teaser image: changing the size

We'll keep you in the loop - thank you so much for your support!


Spring and Fridel,

Jimdo Team