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Jimdo Spotlight 6:8 Ministries


Isn't it great how you can just (Jim)do your thing with your own personal website?


We here at Jimdo think it is incredibly interesting to see what motivates our users and what missions stand behind their various sites.

This time I’d like to connect you with a person who literally has a powerful mission.


Let’s shine the Jimdo spotlight on Spencer Boulter and his site

To Spencer putting others first is more than just a flowery phrase.


At one point he made the life-changing decision to found 6:8 Ministries, a mission that provides a home, food, education and most importantly love to poor children in Guatemala and Costa Rica.


In both countries Spencer and his staff establish different projects exactly where help is needed most, for example by building a Children's Feeding Center or forming relationships with local orphanages.




The key idea behind 6:8 Ministries is to offer anyone an opportunity to become involved in the experience of giving back to society.


You can either sponsor a child through online donations, or - which I think is really cool - travel to 6:8 Ministries and help directly on the spot.


So, if you're looking for a seriously different way to spend your summer break and expand your horizon, this is your opportunity, folks!

Another pivot of personal involvement that matters is giving interest free micro-loans to local businesses.

"One way we encourage others to help us meet the physical needs is by investing in the local people and the local economy by creating local businesses. We are always looking for new ways to connect sponsors from (not exclusively) the United States with local, prospective business owners." Spencer writes.

I'd like to mention that 6:8 Ministries is a religious organization; nonetheless their important cause is beyond faith, so anyone is more than welcome.

Don't miss to check out their site - deal? :)

But first, get a personal impression on Spencer and his mission:

Interview with the founder of 6:8 Ministries Spencer Boulter

Can you describe 6:8 Ministries in three sentences?

6:8 Ministries exist to provide affordable life-changing mission experiences. We want to allow interested individuals to use their skills, talents, gifts and passions to bring hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, and to love the unlovable.

Who came up with the original idea for 6:8 Ministries and motivated you to start the organization?

I'm the founder and now the executive director. The idea was to provide affordable mission opportunities for those who are looking to make a difference.

What do you personally do at 6:8 Ministries?

I oversee the daily operations in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

How many children do 6:8 Ministries support with the donations and what do you use the money for?

We currently provide educational sponsorships for over 100 children. The money is used to provide the necessary items for children to succeed in school (uniforms, books, registration, etc...).

We believe that education is a key element to these children escaping the grips of poverty.

"Our focus is more about providing our participants the opportunity to keep giving and helping after their experience ends."

Why should someone support 6:8 Ministries instead of the many other charitable organizations that exist? What do I "get" out of sponsoring a child?

None really. We are not trying to develop a big child sponsorship program. Our focus is more about providing our participants the opportunity to keep giving and helping after their experience ends.

You live in Costa Rica; we don't have many users there yet.

I live in Alajuelita, Costa Rica with my wife and four children.

How did you find out about Jimdo?

We were having web-site woes.We had a site professionally built using Dreamweaver. It looked great but wasn't very user friendly. It was hard to make changes and updates for a non-tech guy like me. We then tried to use GoDaddy, and Blue Voda, but they were very limited and complicated. Finally, I noticed a friend of mine (Brock Johnson - Deepstream Guatemala) had a great looking web site. I knew he wasn't a tech guy either so I asked him about his web-site. He then told me about how great Jimdo is...and he was right!

How has Jimdo enabled you to further 6:8 Ministries' mission?

It's been great! I love what the web-site allows me to do. We had a goDaddy site and bule voda...but neither were very user friendly and were often more trouble than they were worth.

Can you think of anything that would be a good addition to the existing Jimdo features?

No, but I'll let you know if I do.

We sure hope so! Same goes for anyone else, too! Let us know what you'd like us to improve:


If you were granted one wish for society, what would it be?

For all to know Christ as I do, and that all hunger and poverty would end.

Best wishes to Spencer and his entire team!

We hope you will have lots of success with what you do and would like to say:

Thank you very much for this interview!

- Lisa