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More Email Accounts for JimdoBusiness


Great news for the businesspeople and website owners who have been wishing for more email accounts in JimdoBusiness. Today is your lucky day! We're increasing the number of email accounts included with a JimdoBusiness site from 5 to 20 for everyone!

Current JimdoBusiness users: we've automatically added 15 more email accounts to your account. New JimdoBusiness users -- when you order JimdoBusiness, your new site will come with 20 email accounts.


And in case you didn't know, each email account has 10GB of storage. You can make custom email address for yourself and your colleagues or employees. For example, or


With 20 email accounts, you'll have more than enough for everyone in your company to have an email account: each coworker can be reached at their custom email account at your company's domain name. It's just more professional!


Here's to better emailing!






Jimdo is going mobile - and so are you!

Take all 4 million JimdoPages - yours too! - with you wherever you go. Now you can pull up any JimdoPage on your smartphone and view a mobile-optimized version, and anyone can check out a mobile-ready version of your JimdoPage on a phone. Anytime, anywhere!


1 Mobile View, 3 Awesome Features

A mobile version of a JimdoPage isn't earthshattering -- but the mobile Jimdo version for your phone has a few hidden surprises. The site is optimized for smartphones and their smaller screens, and the layout of the page takes that into consideration. For example, it leaves the sidebar out so that the main content takes center stage.


Jimdo Mobile View Highlights

  • For every JimdoPage, the mobile version is automatically generated. That means each of the 4 million JimdoPages online (and all future sites) come with a version ready for smartphone browsing.
  • Have an online store on your Jimdo site? The new mobile view also includes a mobile checkout option, so customers can view and buy from your store on the go. In fact, if you have PayPal enabled as a payment method, we've integrated PayPal's mobile checkout so you can take PayPal payments through your mobile online store.
  • Integration with other web services. If you're viewing a Google Maps element on a JimdoPage, you (or visitors to your site) can click on it and jump right into the Maps application on your phone. Makes getting driving directions even easier!







... and Action! The Jimdo Video Contest Starts Today


What's the quickest way to show how something works? With a video, of course! Today we’re kicking off the Jimdo Video Contest and asking for users (like you) around the world to send in your videos in support of the Jimdo community. Not only will your videos be seen from Florence to Florida – you’ll also have a chance to help users get a better grasp on using Jimdo, and expand the community. And lest we forget: fame and fortune await the best videos, as do loads of great prizes.


We're excited to see what kinds of videos our users send in. So on your marks, get set, go: start shooting, editing, screencasting, whatever - just make sure to send us your video by June 30, 2011.


Here's How To Participate:

The Jimdo Video Contest is open to everyone - so whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Jimdo user or just love making videos but don’t have your own JimdoPage yet, we want your video. This is what you need to keep in mind:


  1. Select a Jimdo-related topic for your video
  2. Make your video (here are a few tips on how to make great videos)
  3. Upload your video to YouTube
  4. Add a description, and don't forget to tag your video
  5. Read the rules for participating, fill out the sign up form, and you’re done.
  6. Got it? Just to be sure, you can take a look at the checklist (PDF) before you finish up.


There are lots of great prizes to win, too. Here's a sneak peek:



  • Product licenses for Camtasia, a screencasting program from Techsmith that lets you record what happens on your monitor and edit it into cool videos
  • And the Grand Prize: a brand-new Apple MacBook Pro!



The Jimdo jury will select the first prize, and the Jimdo community will determine all the other prizes. Voting starts on July 18!


So get those cameras rolling!


The Jimdo Team







Jimdo Spotlight: Daniel Zalkus

For Daniel Zalkus, there wasn't a particular moment when the creative spark hit. His artistic tendencies were largely influenced by his family, specifically his older sister who is an artist herself, and his father's library of science fiction books. Daniel, a former agent, worked for 10 years on the business side of art, and left the agency life behind in 2009 to focus on his career as an illustrator. Recently, Jimdo caught up with the artist to learn more about the process behind his work, which has been featured in The Boston Globe, The New Yorker and Reader's Digest.

Is there a particular subject you gravitate towards? 

There are specific subjects that I gravitate towards but the thing I enjoy doing the most is drawing on location. I’ll take a 14”x17” drawing pad, charcoal pencils and record the world around me. When I was in New York I’d go to places like Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, and the South Street Seaport.


Now that I’m in Michigan I’ve drawn the boat dock right off the lake and a construction site downtown. To me nothing beats life drawing... As an artist you have no choice but to respond to the world around you and don’t have time to over think what you’re doing.


When it comes to studio work I enjoy drawing story and movie illustrations. I’m a big film buff, more specifically crime stories, and love working on assignments in the vein.


How has your art evolved over time?

The big turning point with my artwork was when I met two teachers at the School of Visual Arts, John Ruggeri and Jack Potter. Both have been a big influence on me. I remember going to the main building, at school, and looking at a student show in the back room, drawings that were done in their classes. When I saw that work I immediately connected with it and thought: “That’s what I want to do.” 


It was in John’s class where I found my love of location drawing that I still do to this day. A valuable lesson that I learned from him is not to be afraid to go out there and draw. It’s something I continue to practice in my on the spot work but also take into the studio with me.

Jack Potter’s class was in the studio and focused on shape and composition. He had a strong personality and was honest in his critiques. There are many times when I’m drawing and can still hear his voice say: “Get the proportions!” Last year I wrote an article about him for the Today’s Inspiration website.


I’m always on the lookout for various things I can learn from. Be it another artist, a “how-to” technique, or simply something that isn’t art related. It all comes together in some way and adds to what I do as an artist.


The main thing, like most artists, is doing the work. That’s where you learn the most. Be it an on the spot drawing, a personal piece in the studio, or an assignment from a client. They all feed one another.

How do you recharge when your creativity hits the wall?

I usually take my drawing pad to the street and draw from life. As I said above, nothing beats it. If not that I’ll either draw something from life in my studio or simply take a break. Sometimes I’ll need a moment to step away and come back to with a clear head. I’ll also look at various books and collections I have of artists whose work I admire (such as Robert Weaver).


How did you find out about Jimdo?

I first heard of Jimdo when looking at the website of an illustrator named Riccardo Vecchio. At that time I didn't know much about the company but later looked them up. When I was ready to make a website I wanted to find a place that had good design and was easy to update. One that required little code (or none at all). Jimdo has been exactly that and my experience has been great.

All artwork courtesy of Daniel Zalkus

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