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Happy Holidays!

Some of us may be a bit startled taking a look at the calendar: There is less than one month until the major holidays! And every year the same question comes up: What can I get my friends and family this season?? It should, of course, be something personal, maybe not too expensive, but extraordinary and creative. So, why don't you give away a Jimdo-Page for Christmas this year? It can be created individually and e.g. filled with the favorite Christmas songs, recipes or pictures and videos of last years' Christmas. And, by the way, it's for free.

Those who are already really looking forward to Christmas or who want to give away a Jimdo-Page for Christmas, can now find a new special Christmas template under "special layouts". For your friends - or you... :)






Further Improvements

Last night we made the following improvements:
1. New editor for adding and editing texts.
2. New login-process

1. New editor for adding and editing texts.
We replaced the editor by a new one which loads way faster. The next time you'll add or edit a text you'll notice the significant speed improvement. So why not maybe add a new text to your Page?
A nice sideeffect (for pros): the XHTML-Code the new editor produces is way cleaner than the old one.

the control panel of the new editor
the control panel of the new editor

2. New login process.
When you'd like to logout out of your Jimdo-Page you now have the two options "View" and "Jimdo-Logout". If you choose "View" you're changing into the same view-mode the regular visitor of your Page sees. With a click on "Edit" you can easily change back into the "edit-mode" of your page without entering your password again.
If you click on "Jimdo-Logout" you competely log out of your Jimdo-Page.