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A new week, a new language! Jimdo arrives in Poland

It's been a busy few weeks, and we admit it -- we're going to take a break for a while. But today, we're pleased to be able to announce Jimdo's 11th language version: Polish!

We're pleased (and proud) as punch to have launched three new languages for Jimdo in the last three weeks. We think it's important for more users to be able to use Jimdo in the native languages. As we add more languages, more people in more countries will be able to use Jimdo!


The new country manager for Poland is Magdalena, and she's really happy that you can now see what she's been working on and looking forward to seeing the Jimdo community in Poland grow! And the rest of the team is really pumped, too -- we're looking forward to seeing new sites from Polish-speaking Jimdonauts! We even decorated the office in red and white to celebrate today's launch!

On that note...

"Kreator stron internetowych Jimdo będzie już niedługo dostępny w polskiej wersji językowej!"
(that's in Polish, and it means "Jimdo's website builder is in Polish now!")

There are a few sites in Polish already -- if you know of more, let us know in the comments!

By the way, did you know how many countries in the world Jimdo covers? On the map below you can see how many places Jimdo exists in the main or an official language!






Another New Language: Bem-vindos Portugal and Brazil

A new week, a new surprise! We get to introduce yet another language for Jimdo: Portuguese. It's now the 10th language version of our website creator. How's that for exciting news?


Paula, our new country manager for Brazil and Portugal, is looking forward working with new and old Portuguese-speaking users! Even without an official Portuguese version of Jimdo, there are already over 13,000 Jimdonauts in Brazil and Portugal -- amazing -- and we don't doubt there will be tons more soon - tell your friends!

And if you need any more reasons, here are a few great JimdoPages from Portugal and Brazil.


Bem-vindo a todos os usuários Jimdo!






Say Hello to New Jimdo Team Members: Arnaud, Michael, Christian, Thuy, Dirk, and Luuk

We're really happy to introduce you to six new additions to the merry band at Jimdo. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to (from left to right, top to bottom) Dirk, Arnaud, Christan, Thuy, Michael, and Luuk.

Dirk, Arnaud, Christian, Thuy, Michael, Luuk
Dirk, Arnaud, Christian, Thuy, Michael, Luuk

Dirk has joined the German community support team; Arnaud is working with Amélie, Guillaume, and Mathilde to help French-speaking users; Christian (3.0) is our third Christian and third trainee in the development team; Thuy's new ideas in marketing, support, and business development are making for an exciting internship - just wait until you see the new Jimdo Supporter program; Michael (Michi) is taking a break from university to intern with the development team; and last but not least, Luuk is our new country manager for the Netherlands and the Dutch version of Jimdo!


Want to find out more about the rest of us? Read more on the Jimdo Team page.


Interested in working for Jimdo? Take a look at our open positions on the Jobs page.






Newest Language Version of Jimdo is Online: Welcome the Netherlands!

The wait is over! Over the last few months we've been preparing to launch the newest language version of Jimdo and today it's ready!

Ready, Set, Go! Luuk starts the Dutch version of Jimdo
Ready, Set, Go! Luuk starts the Dutch version of Jimdo

Luuk, our country manager for the Netherlands did the honors by pushing the big red button, giving the go for his language version. Three cheers for the ninth and newest Jimdo language and for all the new sites from the Netherlands we're looking forward to seeing. Starting now, you can access Jimdo and the website builder in Dutch (and of course you can read the announcement in the brand new Dutch Jimdo blog). Tell your Dutch-speaking friends!

We hope you'll join us in welcoming all the new Dutch users to Jimdo:

"tot gauw!"
(that's Dutch for "see you soon")


PS If you've already got a site in Dutch (or about something in the Netherlands), share it with us in the comments!