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The Jimdo Review: Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of The Jimdo Review! This week, I am joined by Jimdo USA's lionhearted leader Powen. We spend some time talking about news, discussing a user question, and showing off an awesome Jimdo site that I stumbled across earlier this week. I hope you enjoy watching, and we look forward to the next episode of The Jimdo Review in a couple of weeks. 


Show notes


User Question

Awesome Jimdo Page

  • Check out to see how a bit of creativity can turn a JimdoFree layout into a modern masterpiece.

Other Notes

  • The Jimdo Review will be posted every two weeks and will include news, user questions, website spotlights, occasional appearances of stuffed animals, and lots of enthusiastic high fiving. 
  • Powen has coffee in his coffee mug. Dan has guava juice in his.

If you want to see The Jimdo Review right when it's posted, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Do you have any questions for The Jimdo Review? Leave them in the comments — we'll give a gleeful response in a future episode! 


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Decemberfest: Our Annual Winter Giveaway is Back!

Decemberfest Snowman

We're really excited about Decemberfest, our annual winter celebration. Just like last year, we'll be giving away daily gifts for the first twenty-four days of December. Many of the gifts were provided by people with Jimdo stores — you'll be impressed by all of the cool things that Jimdo users are creating and selling. 


We're not going to give any hints about what sorts of gifts we're giving away, so keep your eye on the Decemberfest calendar, or get Decemberfest updates by following us on Twitter or Facebook

How to Win

Find out what the daily gift is by clicking the date on the Decemberfest calendar. If you want a chance to win that gift, leave a comment on the blog post or retweet our daily Decemberfest tweet.


Make sure that you're quick, because the chance to win a gift ends as soon as we post a new gift the next day! Also make sure that we have some way to contact you if you win. 


Anyone can participate, even if they don't use Jimdo. We're really happy to have this chance to give something back to all of you. Good luck!

Decemberfest Calendar


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An Interview With Social Media Expert Ina Steinbach

The Jimdo team recently had the chance to talk with social media master Ina Steinbach, who discussed a few paths to social media success. Read on for a few great tips from Steinbach. 

Ina Steinbach

1. First, Ina, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What led you to focus on social media?


I run a communications agency in Hamburg, where we focus on helping companies with PR and social media. Originally I planned to focus exclusively on PR, but nowadays social media is such an important component of communication that you really can't ignore it. In the past few years I have rarely worked on a communications plan that hasn't involved some form of social media.  


2. What exactly does social media mean? And what benefits does it offer Jimdo users?


People could argue about an exact definition for a long time, I think, but my definition is very general: Websites (media) that have social elements (social). A social element allows a visitor to share or comment on a website — or interact with the site in some other way. The benefits that social media offer are as broad as my definition, and include increased brand recognition, better search engine optimization, and improved customer support. It's also important to see that having a social media presence is necessary if you want to interact with today's average internet user. Even people who don't post, blog, or tweet are still finding answers to questions in forums, doing research on Wikis, watching YouTube videos, and engaging social media in tons of other ways. 


3. What's the best way for someone with a website or online store to use social media?


The simplest thing is making it easy for visitors to share your information. Then when someone buys a T-shirt from your store, they can show it to all of their friends with one click, and you haven't just made a sale, you've also shown your product to hundreds of other people at the same time. 


social media for business

4. After someone has share buttons on their site, what's the next step? Which social networks should they use?


Before someone starts a profile on a social network, I would recommend commenting on blogs and forums. Let's say that you run a car repair shop and you're looking to be more widely known among your peers. There are already hundreds of forums and blogs devoted to discussing cars, parts, tools, etc. — you should join in on the discussion, give some expert advice, and leave a link to your own site at the bottom of your comment. If you're making good suggestions and contributing useful information to the community, people are going to want to check out your site.


As for which social networks are the best to join, there's no answer that applies to everyone. Figure out who your audience is, where they spend their time, and how you can create a profile that provides them information that they need. It doesn't make any sense to join a social network that you don't want to devote time to or where your customers aren't participating — so think about where you can have the biggest effect, and focus your social media campaigns there. 


social media icons

5. Are any social networks especially good for a specific purpose?

For online stores — especially clothing stores — nothing beats the social networks that focus on pictures: Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr. If you take attractive photos of your products, people will be bound to share them, and that means more exposure for you.

Facebook is the best all-purpose social network because it's so flexible and has a ton of users. Setting up a Facebook page is a good idea, but it's only the first step. It's important to regularly update your page with new content and respond to user questions that get posted there.

6. Could you tell us a few social media success stories as a bit of inspiration for Jimdo users who are just getting started?


Of course there are stories of massive social media success — Coca Cola, Starbucks, and adidas come to mind — and it's worth looking at those companies for inspiration. More importantly, however, is looking at people in the same field as you, and, if applicable, in the same region as you. That will give you a realistic sense of what you should be shooting for. After all, a few hundred devoted fans of your small business can have a huge effect. 


A lot of great businesses in Hamburg have used social media to expand their presence. One of my favorite restaurants, Tim Mälzers Bullerei posts a daily menu on Facebook, and other local restaurants offer special deals and let you make reservations right on their Facebook pages. These are simple, effective ways to get people to check out your food. Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg and Classic Tattoo Berlin also have excellent pages — both of them update regularly and respond quickly when their fans ask a question. At the end of the day, people will like your social media presence if it helps them out in some way. And in return, you reach tons of new customers without paying a cent for marketing.



We want to thank Ina Steinbach for sharing her insights with all of us! 

For everyone reading: We hope you found a bit of inspiration to keep working hard on your website's social media presence. 

If you want to learn even more, consider signing up for our social media workshop, where one of us from the Jimdo team gives a live presentation and answers any questions that you may have. 


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Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving (if you're not familiar with this American holiday, some background on Thanksgiving). Whether you're getting ready to eat turkey or tofurkey, we hope you're enjoying your time with family and friends.


From all of us here at Jimdo to all of you: Thank you for being part of the Jimdo community! We're so happy to have you here with us.


P.S. Meet our office turkey!


Powen Shiah

U.S. Country Manager






Introducing: Jimdo Experts

jimdo experts logo

Jimdo is the easiest way to build a website: Pick a layout, choose a style, and add your content — no coding required. In just a few hours you can set up a website to advertise your business, sell your creations, or share photos with friends and family. 


But what if you need an original design, custom-made graphics, help with a social media campaign, or a content strategy? Then you should check out the Jimdo Experts Directory, a list of experienced web professionals who are deeply familiar with Jimdo's website builder. All of these experts have created many stunning, unique sites, tailored to the needs of individual Jimdo users. You can see their work and contact them directly through the Jimdo Experts Directory page. 


What can a Jimdo Expert do?

We feature experts like J Designs, who offer clean, modern designs for small businesses, Amber Creative, who focus on perfecting a company's online brand, and Gud Themes, who make premium templates at affordable prices. Our Experts can help with a wide array of topics: logos, web design, social media, search engine optimization, branding, photography, and much more.


Web Design

Social Media


Logo + Graphic Design




Online Marketing



We're thrilled to have so many superb people working with Jimdo users, and we can't wait to see the websites that come out of the Jimdo Experts program. If you think you'd make a great Jimdo Expert, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the Becoming a Jimdo Expert page for more information on how the program works.


Dan Gray

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Google+ Your JimdoPage

Google Plus Icon

Google+ is one of the newer social networks on the block, and with the power of the world's top search engine behind it, it's gaining traction. With 400 million users Google+ is a great place for people to talk about and share your website. Anyone with a Google account can sign up for Google+ and start sharing with their "circles" — a circle is a group of people, like friends, family, co-workers, or teammates.

Google's social network is especially attractive for small businesses, which can have a Google+ page that lists their contact information, hours, and a link to their Jimdo site. Whether you're an artist, a photographer, a designer, or anyone else with something to share, you can benefit from giving your visitors another way to connect with you.


There are a few different ways you can include Google+ on your website and make it easier for people to share and recommend your site to their Google+ friends. We've outlined the three main options below (and included Google+ buttons for you to try out).


+1 Button

google plus one button

Anyone who clicks a +1 button on your site will immediately show everyone in their circles that they like what they see, and that they recommend checking it out. Your page will be listed under that person's +1 list, and their friends will see in Google search results that they liked your page. 

When adding a +1 button, you can use various sizes and choose whether you want to display a box that will show how many people have already clicked +1 on your site.

Share Button

google plus share button

When someone stumbles across something interesting on the web — like a cool product on your Jimdo site — they want to share it with the people they know. With the Google+ share button, they can share the great content on your page with their Google+ circles and also leave a comment talking about what they have found.


You also have the option to display how many people have already shared your page, so go ahead and show off how much people love your content. 

Google+ Box

google plus box

With the Google+ box, visitors can follow your Google+ business page or add your personal Google+ profile to their circles. We've included several options for customizing the Google+ box to make it an attractive way for your visitors to connect with you. 


With the Google+ box, you can choose either a large or small box. The small box just has a follow link for your Google+ profile, and the large box shows who is already following you. 

How It Works

Log into your JimdoPage and select a blog post or page where you want to put a Google+ button. Add the new Google+ element, and choose which of the above button types you want to use!


You'll find more information about the new Google+ element in our Google+ help article. We hope this new feature is a helpful addition to your social media toolkit and brings more visitors to your site.


If you want to learn more ways to use social media to help your Jimdo site succeed, sign up for our next social media online workshop


Dan Gray

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