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Even More JimdoPro and Special Layouts for you!

After the new JimdoBusiness layouts last week, we've also got some fresh JimdoPro and Special Layouts for you. Maybe you've already discovered them, but if not, take some time to try them out. The preview galleries below give you a small taste of the new layouts!


Preview -- Screenshots of the new JimdoPro Layouts

Preview -- Screenshots of the new Special Layouts






Jimdo Spotlight on Dustin's Big Run

Time and time again we're astonished of the wide range of users our Jimdo community holds.

We've got students, parents, animal lovers, designers of many sorts, computer savvy folks, regular guys and gals who just want their personal website, and many more...

And we've got one crazy runner on a mission. Dustin Hucks and his site dustin3n1.us


Compared to Dustin we're all a bunch of sloths! No offense, but most of us are. Not only does he run for miles on end but he also does it for a good, selfless cause:

To raise money to support the American Cancer Society and their research.


Read on to find out more about Dustin, his brave mission and the driving force behind his BIG RUN from California to Texas and how you can support him in our latest Jimdo Spotlight.



You seem like a very impressive guy. For sure, running such a long distance is no walk in the park! Please tell our community a few stats about yourself:

Certainly. My name is Dustin Hucks, I'm twenty nine, and was born in West Texas. I've lived in Southern California for almost ten years. I'm not sure how impressive that all is, but those are the basics. I've been running since I was eighteen, lost a few years to injury, and hopped back on the running wagon about a year ago


Dustin, you’ve almost reached your goal – running to your home town in Lubbock, West Texas. Who or what inspired you to run in the first place?

My Aunt Debbie has stage four lymphoma, which is inoperable. She's currently in remission however, which is fantastic. She was one of the major catalysts in getting me out running for the American Cancer Society to raise money for general cancer research. The other inspiration was simply my love of running. I've always wanted to challenge myself, and running halfway across the United States during the hottest month of the year seemed like a good opportunity to see what I was made of.

...and what did your family and friends think of this plan of yours?   Did they support it or were they rather worried for you to "get lost"?
They were concerned, yes...and still are. My Aunt Debbie said I was crazy, and I've sadly made my mother cry a few times when things have gotten rough on the road. When I lost my run crew in Flagstaff, Arizona the consensus was that I should stop and go home. I'm stubborn, however, so I picked up a pack and started hiking across Arizona into New Mexico, and finally into Texas. They've been very supportive, but obviously there are worries as well. All in all though, my friends and family are happy with what I've accomplished to this point.

Did you ever run such a long distance...any distance that can compare to this big (huge) run?
Nothing close to this, no. I am considering, with proper planning and a larger window of time, running across the entire United States from coast to coast. After that, I think it would be neat to run across parts of Europe, perhaps Australia, New Zealand...etc. Every country has their cancer research organizations, and I'd like to support each one if I get the chance.

How do you cope with not seeing your friends and family and basically being by yourself for three and a half months?
I've always been very solitary. I love my friends and family, but most of the people I'm closest to live in Texas, and I live in California. Not seeing them is nothing new to me. Being on the road alone has really given me a lot of time to reflect, and grow as a person. Basically, when you spend that much time alone...you get many opportunities to get to know yourself. I've enjoyed most of this time I've spent in the middle of nowhere. It's humbling.

And how, out of all reasons to run, did you come up with the idea to run to support cancer research? Is there a story behind your big run?
Again, my Aunt Debbie was one of the reasons I chose to do this, but she's not the only person in my family that has been touched by cancer. I've also known a number of people outside of my immediate family that have suffered the ravages of cancer. Honestly, I just want to see the dangers of cancer wiped away completely. I think it can be done. They're flipping genetic switches in lab mice that are causing the body to eradicate cancer cells, and creating medicines that teach the body to regulate and eventually completely stop cancer cell growth. I think we're close, and I want to contribute to getting us that much closer.

If I may ask, how much money have you raised so far? What amount are you aiming for?
I've raised a little over one thousand dollars, of the million I'm attempting. I just signed with a publicity firm that is doing all of my media for me, so they have access to national media outlets I did not have access to on my own. I'm hoping once this journey is known across the United States, that donations will increase. If I do not meet my mark, however, I'll continue to do events like this until I've reached one million dollar.

How has your Jimdo site helped you communicate your big run?
Jimdo is a simple, inexpensive way to get a functional website up and on the internet quickly. I have lots of visitors, and it's the cornerstone of my social networking endeavors for this run.

What Jimdo features do you like best?
The prompt, personal customer service. The folks at Jimdo that answer my questions are always more than friendly, willing to clarify, and quick to respond. That's rare these days. The site itself is simple to navigate and perform my editing duties on, but more than anything I really dig the personal attention of the staff.

How would you convince someone lazy (like me) to engage in running?
Honestly, I think people should just find the thing that they love and do it. Any physical activity is fantastic. Bike, run, swim, climb mountains, kickbox....whatever makes you happy and keeps you active, participate in it and take it to the extreme if you feel so inclined. I want to participate in the 2012 Olympics in London as a marathoner. I have two years to achieve that goal, but that's just me. If a jog around the block makes your heart content, then I'm thrilled for you. Keeping active, no matter what the activity, is important to keeping us happy and healthy.

What do I "get" out of it?

Running? Endorphins! I'm never so happy as when I've just finished a long run. It stays with you all day. Plus, of course, the health benefits. There are very few things better for you than running. It's a fantastic way to take care of your long term health.

And finally: What's the most interesting thing that has happened to you during your big run? Collected any memorable moment that will stay with you forever aside from the run itself?

There isn't any one thing that sticks out. I've had incredible experiences thus far. The biggest thing is meeting cancer survivors. I've met families that have suffered through this, fought it, beat it...and many that were no so lucky. I've developed connections with people I would have never known otherwise had I not lost my run crew and had the opportunity to hike through these communities. This entire journey has exceeded my expectations on so many levels.

I'm very lucky I've had the opportunity to do this.

Dustin, your perservance and drive is amazing!
The entire Jimdo team wishes you the best of luck in reaching those $1 million soon.
Thank you very much for this eye-opening interview!
- Lisa






Twitter Widget: Brings Your Tweets to Your Jimdo Page!


Do you twitter? We've been tweeting for a while now, and we know those of you who are fans of Jimdo and Twitter will be happy to hear the news:

You can show your Twitter updates on your Jimdo site!

Here's a little baby chick that you can use as Twitter icon, and there's a link to even more free Twitter icons at the bottom of the post.


Here's how you can put your Twitter updates on your Jimdo page, it's easy:

  1. Add a new element to your page, choose the Twitter element (see the screenshot below)
  2. Enter your Twitter username, so that your tweets appear on the page.
  3. Choose how many updates you'd like to be displayed
  4. Click save, and you're done!

That's how easy it is to add your Twitter feed to your Jimdo page. This is what it looks like:

The Twitter widget in action!

If you need a Twitter icon for your Jimdo page (linking it to your Twitter page would be one way to get more followers) take a look at this Smashing Magazine bog post. A little further down you'll find a whole slew of free twitter-related icons you can use!


Haven't heard of Twitter at all? Sorry to have gone on so long without asking! If you're interested in finding out more about microblogging and this latest social web site, the Wikipedia article has a nice overview... or just give it a try. Sign up for a free Twitter account and start tweeting today!


Don't forget to follow Jimdo while you're at it :)






New Business Layouts and a Header Surprise!

Our designers just released some sparkling new layouts for JimdoBusiness. There are ten great new layouts, you can take a look at them all in the gallery below. They're ready to use, so if one looks right for your site, go for it! You can use it on your Jimdo site right now.

Make way for the new layouts!

Header Surprise: Transparency!

It's not just these layouts that are new -- there's also a handy new function you'll be sure to like: for all the new JimdoBusiness layouts (for certain other select layouts if you're a JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users, too) you'll be able to set the header graphic to "transparent" so that your logo appears directly on top of the background.

Not sure what we mean? Just follow the "before" & "after" example below to see what a cool effect this can be!


In our example we're starting out with a JimdoBusiness layout and the header image with the little ladybug. To set the header image to be transparent, choose the first "image" in the gallery. If you've done some work with image editors before, you might have seen the grey-and-whitesquares, which indicate transparency.


Now that the header image is transparent, we've uploaded an image as our logo (a feature for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users - have you tried it out yet?), and it appears directly on the wood-grain background. Pretty fancy, don't you think?

All that's left now is for you to try it out. Have fun with it! It's definitely worth it to play around with the new layouts, new backgrounds, and your logo. Your site will get a fresh new look! :)






New Backgrounds for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness

We've got a nice update for all our JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users: many new background patterns for you to use on your websites. They're fresh, they're eye-catching, they'll look great on your site! Take a look at the new backgrounds - one of them (maybe one of the wood textures, damask or floral patterns, among many others) will be the perfect finishing touch for your website. And you can change it in just a few clicks!

To use one of the new background images for your Jimdo site, log in and click on the "Style" button of the Site Admin panel, then choose the "Background Image" (see the screenshot). Try out as many different backgrounds as you'd like.

We've got a preview of the backgrounds below. Have fun trying them all out and sprucing up your websites!


Preview of the New Backgrounds






Recent System Updates - Too many for one headline!

Our developers are unbelievably and hard-working! They almost never sleep, they basically live in the office, they're basically thinking 24/7 about Jimdo, and about ways they can improve Jimdo for you. We haven't talked a lot about their work behind the scenes, since it's not really new features or new designs. But now we've thought about it more, and we've decided that it'd be cool to share and recognize the little things they're doing to improve Jimdo. After all, the devil is in the details! So we're taking a moment to say thank you and recognize the work our developers are doing!

1) New Help Section in the Site Admin

If you need help in editing your Jimdo site, the three places to look are in the Forum, the Jimdo Help articles, and the support team. Just recently, we added the Help Center in the Site Admin. As you can see on the right, a help window opens if you click on the question mark. The window has direct links to our FAQ, the Jimdo Help articles, the forum, some video tutorials, as well as a contact form through which you can reach the support team. The contact form even has different subject lines, depending on what you need help for.

2) Jimdo supports these browsers

Important! We're talking about the browser with which you can edit your Jimdo site. The visitors to your site can, of course, use any other web browser (or an older version). So, these are the ones you can use to change and update your Jimdo site:

  • Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher)
  • Firefox (version 3 and higher)
  • Safari (version 4 and higher)
  • Opera (version 10 and higher)
  • Chrome (version 2 and higher)


3) Site Admin - Expand and Retract

As useful and engaging as it is, sometimes the Site Admin gets in the way when you're trying to edit your Jimdo site...

If you click on close at the bottom of the Site Admin (see the screenshot), it rolls up out of the way, until you need it again. It will reappear again if you need it, just click on open.

4) More Possibilities for the Copyright Footer

Until just recently, your copyright always had to have the (c) in it. That's no longer automatically in there, so you have more freedom to determine what your footer and copyright lines look like.

  • Multiple-line footers
  • Use custom HTML
  • Linking from the footer section

Here's how to edit it: go to Settings, the Website subsection, then click the Copyright Bar icon. You can see it clearly in the screenshot:


5) BMP image files now usable in the Emotion Header!

Die headline says it all - up until now you couldn't use images in the bitmap (.bmp) format in the emotion header. If you want to read more about the recent updates to the emotion header, take a look at this blog post.

6) Flash Image Galleries - Sorting and Canceling

When you're creating a new image gallery (more precisely, when you're uploading the pictures) the sorting works correctly  now. And now you can cancel your photo uploads at any time (that didn't always work before).