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Good News: New URLs for your websites

Finally, we change over to more easy readable URLs (=internet addresses, please check Wikipedia for further information) that are going to be loved by search engines. Example: The URL of a page called "about me" was the following until now: name.jimdo.comc/about_me.php. From now on, it'll be Pages on the second navigation level will be included in the new URLs, e.g.


Your advantages:

  • For search engines, it's much easier to find these URLs - so the chance that your website is found, increases (the SEOs among you will be happy about that news! -
  • Looks better and is easier in all ways - If you send the link via email to friends, if you integrate the link on another page of your website or if you tell somebody a link on the phone...
  • Info for the pros: URL encoding in UTF-8


Before and after – comparison

Let's assume that the navigation of your website is the following:

Your Pages Before After
Home /index.php /
About Me /about.php /aboutme/
Trips /trips.php /trips/
Skitrip /skitrip.php /trips/skitrip/
Sailing /sailing.php /trips/sailing/
Pictures /pictures.php /pictures/
Videos /videos.php /videos/



What do I have to consider?

First, the most important thing is: Even though the links of your page will change - the old links will still work fine.

Example: Your page will change into - Friends and Google only know the previous link. But we built it in a way that they are redirected automatically to Your friends might not notice the change, but Google recognizes it at once and saves the new link at once (for pros: 301 moved permanently).

You should consider that pages in the second navigation level repeat the name of top page. Example: /skitrip.php changes into /trips/skitrip/ -> check if you like the names of your pages. Otherwise, name them whatever you want to.

When and how are the changes made?

  • All new websites get the new names immediately.
  • The URLs of older websites are changed directly at the moment, if you change the navigation.
  • Within the next weeks, we'll change all existing pages to the new name scheme.

We're looking forward to receiving your feedback!


All the best,

Your Jimdo Team


P.S. Of course, we tested everything in detail, but sometimes we overlook something. So if you should notice any errors or any noticeable problems, please let us know and write an email to - THANKS!







Your most wanted Jimdo feature


At the beginning of July, we asked you to vote for the next Jimdo feature in our forum. As a little reminder - you could vote for one of the following features:

  • Restore/backup
  • Own forum
  • Poll
  • Music player
  • Counter
  • Customizable fields for your contact forms
  • Continuously adjustable image sizes
  • Flash banners

The poll was finally closed on September 1st. Actually, it was a nip-and-tuck race between "Restore/backup" and "Own forum". It was so close that, summing up the votes of the English and the German forum, the score was even.

...and the winner is...

We thought about how to solve this stand-off and decided to develop "Restore/backup" as the next Jimdo feature. We really think that this is very useful and might be a great help after deleting something accidentally. Since it is a quite complicated process to develop such a feature, we won't be able to release it tomorrow :) But don't worry, we're working on it!


Those who voted for the own forum: Don't be disappointed! There are other ways to integrate a forum into your website! Several providers offer forum widgets for free - so it's not impossible!


So, thank you all for voting! The winners of the JimdoPro packages will be informed by email! Congratulations to you!


Best regards,

Your Jimdo Team






Music to the People - New music player online!

Often desired, long awaited and finally there: The new music player for your Jimdo Page is online! From now on you can enjoy your favorite music on your own Jimdo Page!

Our partner, online music player simfy makes it possible: From today on, every Jimdo user can use the simfy music player for his or her own website. Create as many playlists as you want to - you can upload your own music and you have access to the vast music library of simfy. This music library contains over 1 million songs - so it should be no problem if some songs are missing in your own collection. In that case, simfy's music library will provide you with the songs - and you can enjoy all titles legally and in full length!


That's how it works

As always - it's very easy! :)

  • Login to your Jimdo Page and decide on which page you would like to integrate the music player. Then add a new element and choose "music player" (see image on the right side)
  • Next, the following view (see image below) appears. Since you didn't create any playlists yet the music player does not display any songs or playlists.
  • "Playlist Title" - name your playlist! :)
  • Think about the songs you would like to have in your playlist. Click on "Upload Music" if you have the songs stored in your own files on your computer.
  • You would rather like to search for some new songs in simfy's music library? Type in the title or the artist in "Find Songs" and simfy finds the songs for you.
  • You can activate "Autoplay" if the music should start automatically when somebody visits your site. If not, you can easily deactivate it again.
  • Later, when you have already created some playlists, you can click on "Select another playlist" to choose some other songs - and you can also create new playlists here.


And there's more behind it...

Edit the settings for your music player
Edit the settings for your music player

Under "Settings" > "Simfy Player" you can manage your playlists.


  • Click "Create new playlist" to set up a new list, name it and choose the music for it.
  • Edit playlists: If you already created some playlists, they are shown one below the other under settings. Click on the playlist you would like to edit and
    • delete songs from the list
    • change the order of the songs
    • add more songs
    • delete the whole playlist
    • rename the playlist


Those who can't get enough of sharing or listening to music can think of signing up (for free!) for the music community of simfy. On you can create your personal music library and fill it with your favorite music! Furthermore, you can share it with your friends on simfy and listen to their music - legally and for free!


And now - enjoy our little sample! Have fun with the new music player! MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE! YEAH! If you have any questions or comments - let us know, we're looking forward to reading them!