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New & Improved Email Management!

JimdoPro users have one email account and three email aliases (forwarding addresses) included in their package; JimdoBusiness users get five accounts and unlimited aliases. To make it easier for you to manage all these email accounts and aliases, we've completely revamped the email management and made it much simpler!

Once you're logged into your Jimdo site, click on Settings, then take a look at the the Domain and Email Administration section. Here you're able to view which email accounts you've already set up as well as add, edit, and delete accounts.


A particularly useful new feature: you can create and manage mailing lists right here.  For example, you can set up a general contact address like that forwards to several people. Pretty cool, right? Read on to learn the details of how it all works!

1) How to manage your email accounts

How to edit, create, and delete email accounts

In Settings, specifically in the Email Accounts view, you can modify existing email accounts, delete them, and create new accounts. In the example, there are two existing email accounts and at the bottom a new account is being created.

On the left side of the window you'll see the account. On the right, you can delete the account or change the password. To create a new email account, just click on "Add a New Account". As in the screenshot, a form drops open. Fill out the name of the email address, choose the domain (if you have more than one domain associated with the account), and create a password. When you're finished, click on "set up".  That's it! You can also log into your new email account directly through your Jimdo site's management interface, so you can get started emailing right away!

2) Email Aliases

How to create, edit, or delete email aliases/lists

This is how it works! In Settings, go to Email Forwarding to edit your email lists. In this example, there are already two email lists. You can simply change these or delete lists whenever you need to.

At the bottom of the screenshot, see how a new forwarding list is being created. Fill in the name of the forwarding list in Alias. You can choose anything, like, but in this sample we chose Below the alias name, you can enter the email addresses to which you'd like us to forward the messages. Click save when you're finished, and you're all done!

It's that easy.

So even though this blog post is rather long, we hope you'll see that the new email management is really easy to use. Just give it a try, create a new email accounts and email aliases. You'll see how simple we've made it for you!

The Jimdo team






Dynamic Duo: Domain Management and Domain Assistant

Jimdo has a brand-new domain management interface! It's never been easier to order additional domain names for your Jimdo site. To go with this new feature: our Domain Assistant! We've created it to help set up a domain name you already own with your Jimdo site.


To access the new domain management, click on Settings, then click on Domains in the Email and Domain Management section.


The new domain management interface lets you

  • see which domains you're already using with your Jimdo site
  • order new domains
  • check domain name availability
  • see domain name status (if it has been successfully activated)
  • change the default domain (if you're using multiple domains)

The Domain Assistant: Connect your Domain Name with your Jimdo Site

The domain assistant is there to help you if you already own a domain and you'd like to use it with Jimdo. If you already have a domain registered, it's no problem at all to set it up for your Jimdo site -- and the domain assistant is there to help you make it happen. It'll help you figure out these things during the set-up process:

  • how to use an existing (previously registered) domain name with your Jimdo site
  • print out instructions for working with your domain registrar
  • determine, through some simple questions, whether you should transfer your domain or set up a forwarding mechanism (don't worry, the domain assistant will explain!)

It's really quite easy to set up a domain name with Jimdo. The following screenshot is a quick preview of the domain assistant:






Now with 100% more image rotation!


It happens to all of us: you forgot to edit your images before you uploaded them, and now the photo in your gallery (or image element, or image with text) is upside-down or sideways. Don't worry! Jimdo users (Free, Pro, and Business) don't need to edit and re-upload the picture anymore. Now you can just rotate it in the right direction. Pretty cool, right?

Take a look at this video that shows exactly how to do it (video shots done on a German Jimdo site, but there's no narration anyway, so just look at the pictures)






Jimdo means Business. JimdoBusiness!


You're probably asking why the Jimdo team dressed is so dressed up (well, relatively). Well, there's a reason for it: JimdoFree and JimdoPro got a big brother today -- JimdoBusiness!


As you can guess from the name of the new package, JimdoBusiness is customized for the needs of business users, and it includes everything that a  company or entrepreneur needs for a successful web presence:


  • Two domains
  • Five email address and unlimited aliases
  • Exclusive JimdoBusiness designs
  • The fastest support Jimdo can offer - top priority!
  • And much more...

But you don't have to take our word for it!

These customers are using Jimdo for their business websites, and if you take a look, you'll see just how well it works to make your business' site with Jimdo!

Toronto-based designer Jordan de Ruiter showcases her striking and completely hand-made clothing line on her Jimdo site. it's certainly an advantage for the promising young designer to be able to update her quickly and easily.

Restaurant, music venue, and place to play ping pong, Comet Ping Pong's distinctive website serves as one place to find out everything -- their menu, their location, customer testimonials, news, and booking/reservation contact information -- Comet Ping Pong even links to its Facebook page!


Web2Asia is a Shanghai-based firm offering consultancy and market entry solutions to Western companies entering Asian markets. Their extensive website highlights their history, services, and expertise, integrating their blog, newsletter, and portfolio. They have placed their Twitter widget in a sidebar, so you can keep up with the latest news.

JimdoBusiness makes it easy for everyone!

For additional information about JimdoBusiness, take a look here. Discover the details of the features included in JimdoBusiness. Of course, we'll be working on improving the package, adding more features and making sure that JimdoBusiness stays the best all-around deal for a successful internet business!

If we've managed to convince you, that the JimdoBusiness option is right for you, go for it! You can either order it right here, or upgrade through your existing Jimdo site's control panel. Log in and click on the "upgrade" button. You'll be taken through the upgrade process step-by-step.