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Welcome New Jimdo Team Members: Evelyn, Guillaume, and Lucia

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the new faces at Jimdo -- it seems like new colleagues pop up every day! It's exciting to work for company that's growing -- in users, in the team, and many other ways.


Without any further ado, here are the newest additions to Jimdo:


Evelyn Melgar Benjamin comes to us from Bolivia, but she's lived in Hamburg for many years now. As the new community manager for Spain & Latin America, she's heading up our marketing and PR efforts anywhere Spanish-speaking Jimdo users can be found (which is a lot of places!).


Also expanding the Spain & Latin America team, Lucía Iribarren Arrobas is joining Jaime in community support, helping Jimdo users make their websites the best they can be (and solving any problems along the way). If there's anything that needs to be translated, she's also there to help!


Last but not least, France has a new community manager: Guillaume Baligand! In addition to his work in online marketing, community management, and communications, Guillaume is also a gifted musician -- he's become our campfire guitarist of choice on company trips! (he also takes song requests)


So please give a warm welcome to all of our new team members! You can also see the entire team on the about us section... And if you're interested in joining the team -- check out our Jobs page!






Store Update: Bye Bye, Beta! Hello New Features

The Jimdo Online Store has officially left beta: three cheers for the developers working on the store and for the new features and improvements they've added. Hip hip hooray! As always, all the updates have been verified by Trusted Shops.

Here's a quick overview:

  1. Inventory Management: set quantities and more
  2. Display Availability and (new) Delivery Estimates
  3. Customize Emails and Notices
  4. Style: Change the button colors and text
  5. Customize store checkout form
  6. Set item numbers


1. Manage your Inventory - piece by piece

An improved stock / inventory management was one of the top 5 requested features (and we totally agree). Here's the rundown:

a) You can now set available quantities for each item that you have listed in your store. If a customer buys something, the number of items in stock is automatically decreased -- and when they're all gone, the availability is set to "not available". Customers won't be able to add that item to their shopping carts until you've restocked. You can also set which quantity will cause the "Limited Availability" status to show -- just go to the SiteAdmin.


b) Changes to the SiteAdmin: Orders is now Store. The Orders button in the SiteAdmin control panel has been renamed Store and streamlined. We've added a new "Product List" where you can view a list of all products in your store, including product variations and available quantities. You can also update your inventory here.

c) Invalid order? The new inventory management automatically updates the available quantity when you mark an order as invalid.

2. Display Availability and (new) Delivery Estimates

We've tweaked the item availability status to tie into the inventory management features described above. The red, yellow, and green lights now signal whether an item is available, has limited availability, or sold out. You can now also display estimated delivery times -- independent of availability. Read more about those changes in this help article

3. Customizing Emails

Your customers receive an email automatically confirming their orders. Now you can customize this message even more: you can edit the subject, the email's body text, even the salutation you use to greet the customer. It's your store -- you set the tone!

4. Style: Change button colors and text

Another feature many of you requested: the ability to customize some aspects of the store and item appearance. You can  change the text and colors of prices, the add to cart button, as well as the checkout page header to match the rest of your site!

5. Customize Forms

  • Select which information fields in the checkout process are required and which aren't.
  • Delete fields that you don't need -- slim down the forms to what's necessary.
  • Save time if you've activated PayPal as a payment method. The necessary fields for PayPal are automatically selected.


6. Item Numbers

Need item numbers to help track what you're selling? Set an official number when creating store items (or later, by editing it). Different item variations (for example different sizes or colors) can have their own item numbers as well. The item numbers are displayed automatically in the order management view, they make it easier to make sense of the overview and to communicate with your customers!






Jimdo Field Trip: Neuwerk 2010

Last week, the entire Jimdo crew got together for an adventure: a company field trip! Just like two years ago, everyone went off to Neuwerk, an island off the northern cost of Germany. Those of you who have been using Jimdo for a little longer may remember our fun tour in 2008. Just one small difference, instead of 15 stalwart adventurers, there were 30! Sadly, this one lone Jimdo outpost in Philadelphia couldn't make it to the fun :( But I did enjoy following along the adventures via Twitter and photos!

In what's now a time-honored tradition, the outing kicked off with at Fridtjof's in Cuxhaven with an evening of grilling, singing, and tons of fun. The next morning, the still sleepy but merry bunch hiked about 7.5 miles through the mudflats to Neuwerk. The weather wasn't so cooperative , but as our hardy adventurers didn't let a bit of rain and wind keep them from reaching the island! They were greeted with the customary pea soup and proceeded to the accommodations for the night - a farm/hotel where you can "sleep in the hay". A few folks took the chance right away to try it out and napped to recover from the hike while the others played Kubb, flew kites, or explored the little island (not much more than 1 square mile). Later, everyone got back together in the evening to feast on hot dogs and hang out in the hay.

The next morning, it was time for the tired but happy bunch to trek back through the mud flats -- but this time under the smiling sun! Different carpools assembled themselves and headed back to Hamburg... and the next day, everyone was talking about how well they slept in their own beds. :)

It was a great time, see you all next year!

Neuwerk 2010 - Pictures!






Store Tip: Take Awesome Professional Product Photos - Make Your Own Lightbox

We've got a great tip for you today! If you've got a store set up on your JimdoPage (or you're thinking about it), taking professional product photographs is essential. And what do you need for awesome pictures of what you're selling? The right background and lighting! So today we've put together an easy guide on how to make your own lightbox. It's really easy, and it makes an enormous difference in the quality of your photos.


  • 1 cardboard box
  • 3 sheets of butcher paper or another light-weight paper
  • 3 lamps ("daylight" lamps are preferable)

How to Make Your Own Light Box

What is a light box? It's a photo studio in miniature. Shooting photos in the lightbox keeps the focus completely on the items you want to depict; there are no distractions in the background (which is white, or whatever color you choose to make it) and lighting from three sides eliminates any shadows. Click on the photos below to see the steps.

By lighting through the paper, the light is diffused and prevents stark reflections and shadows.

Two more tips:

  • If you can, use lamps/light bulbs that imitate natural light. Otherwise, your background will appear slightly yellow, like in the picture below with the apple.
  • Always take the photos without flash







Under Construction Sign: When your website isn't quite finished

Sometimes it takes a while to get your website just the way you want it, and sometimes you're rewriting or redesigning a part of it -- that's good! You wouldn't want the look or information to get stale...
But understandably you don't want the whole world to be watching while you're renovating or putting on the finishing touches.


We've got a solution for you!

And it's really easy:

  1. In the navigation, you can hide all the pages that aren't finished. Click on the eye-shaped icon (see right), hit save, and you're done! Visitors to your website won't see the hidden pages.
  2. If you want, you can add this icon we designed especially for you to your website: add an image element the home page of your site and upload the "Site Under Construction" graphic from your computer. You can download the image for free at the end of this blog post!
  3. Now when someone stops by your site they'll know that it's still a work in progress :)

Not bad, right? If you're busy working behind the scenes on your website, set up your homepage to look something like this:

Download your own "Site under construction" sign & use it on your JimdoPage!

Site Under Construction Sign from Jimdo
Under Construction Jimdo.png
Portable Network Image Format [140.7 KB]





"Thanks for a tool that is great for the techno-phobes"

A Delightful Letter from Peter Robson

Jimdo helped him overcome his "website phobia"

One of the best parts of the job is hearing from really happy Jimdo users. This morning, I got this message from Peter Robson in Sunderland, England, who learned about Jimdo in Computer Shopper.


This is why Jimdo exists -- to put the power of building websites in everyone's hands. But Peter says it all much better -- he's been so kind as to let us share his letter to the Computer Shopper editor here as well.

Website Phobia

I have not been computer shopping for seven years As a 50-something I am reasonably competent with a PC but somewhat behind in the technology stakes - my once leading-edge XP machine is still chugging along nicely but it's time to move on.. So in order to try and get myself up to date so that I can select my first laptop in the Autumn I started to read Computer Shopper ...

But then came the icing on the cake in the October issue - Jim Martin's "Create a website in 30 minutes". Yeah, right! As I am self employed I consulted web-site designers a few years ago - the pound signs fell like rain. To date my web presence is a modified MSN Space; it's ok, the necessary information is there but it's certainly not a professional looking site. I have seen web hosts advertised in your magazine, the template based systems look easy enough. But when I searched on the internet for reviews of these services the overall opinion has been, shall I say, very off-putting. I didn't even reach for my bargepole.

So I read Jim's article on with great interest. It seemed simple enough and his writing was very encouraging. So I took a deep breath and signed on. Swing and a hit! It's excellent, does what it says on the box, easy to use and the help system is tip top too. I'm now playing around with a personal free site before I upgrade to the pro version for my business. No doubt younger, IT competent people delve into such things with great gusto and little trepidation, but if you are like me and find the thought of website building extremely daunting then let Jimdo do it for you. Highly recommended. Thank you Jim for overcoming my website phobia and thanks to the rest of the team for a great magazine.

Peter Robson
Sunderland, England

In a follow-up email, Peter Robson added this:


"Once again thanks for a tool that is great for the techno-phobes. The "" feature is a brilliant way of showcasing what can be done with Jimdo. I'm looking forward to becoming more familiar and skillful with the application before upgrading to JimdoPro."


So thanks again for your kind words, Peter. Great to know that we're really getting pages to the people!