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Code Name: QR on your JimdoPage

QR Codes -- one of this year's neatest trends, online and off! Even if you have't heard of them, you've may have seen one around -- they're small black and white checkerboards on business cards, posters, and advertisements. It's not a new type of art -- it's a quick way to share information on the go.


What are QR codes?

QR stands for "quick response" and these codes work like barcodes: scan them in with your smartphone, and you'll get information or link to website that the QR code's creator chose. If you're wondering what this is good for -- it's easy: this connects the online and offline worlds! No more mistakes when you're copying down or typing in a URL or an email address, no more forgetting what that site was that you saw on a poster a few hours ago... Thanks to QR codes, you can grab it all on your smartphone right away.


Why are QR codes great for you?

Since we're always updating your JimdoPages with new features (link mobile, dropbox), we had to add in a simple QR code generator too! Starting now, you can easily create QR codes right in your JimdoPage. Whether you'd like a QR code for your site's URL, one of your special subpages, or even for a specific store product, you can just click to generate one! Then, depending on what you want to use it for, you can print and distribute it in 3 different sizes. JimdoPages are automatically optimized for mobile devices, so you can rest assured that your site will be displayed perfectly on the go!


How it works

Log into your JimdoPage and choose Settings in the SiteAdmin on the right side. There, you'll find a new section called Apps. You'll find a new button: QR Codes. CLick on it, and you'll find the new feature -- you can easily create QR codes for your website, for any page on your site, and for any of your store products. Just click!


Using QR codes

Click to expand the screenshot
Click to expand the screenshot

You can see an example of a great way to use QR codes for your online store in the video up top. There are lots of other examples along these lines: print a QR code on your business cards, on flyers or posters that you're putting up around town, or put one of codes in a print advertisement. Of course, (just like with anything else) be careful not to overdo it. As tasty and as funny as a frosted QR code on a company birthday cake might be, it probably quite work the way you want it to. QR codes can be used in many different ways, but make sure it makes sense where you're putting it. For example, don't put ten of them side-by-side on your business cards, and definitely don't put one on your website. Remember -- it's meant be scanned by a smartphone!


Tip: While it might make sense to put a QR code on a poster or advertisement as an "easter egg" or special discount, if you're putting it on your business card, don't forget to write the address of your website next to it -- after all, it'd be too bad if someone couldn't find you because they don't have a smartphone.


We'll be offering up more tips and ideas in the future about how you can use QR codes. But for now -- have fun trying them out!







Coffee & Websites at the Jimdo Café

Imagine the scene: you're getting ready to work on your website, grab a mug of coffee or tea, put the snack bowl in reach -- just like you're in a café! But you're sitting at home and not in a coffeeshop. Sometimes you'd like to talk with other Jimdo users face to face about a new feature or an issue you're having with with a particular layout... A Jimdo café sounds like it'd be perfect! But have you ever seen or heard of one, so it's all just a dream. Not in Japan! The JimdoFriends there would beg to differ...


Two Jimdo Cafés in Japan

These cafés really exist! In Japan, Jimdo users can get together, talk, and work on their websites. If they're so inclined, there are also courses to learn more about building a website. Takuya Kitahara opened the first Jimdo café in Tokyo. His idea was to create a place where Jimdo users and other interested people get together and learn from one another. Every Thursday, Takuya opens the doors of his Jimdo café in a room he's rented in an existing coffee shop. "Every visitor pays for drinks and courses, that's how I pay the rental fee," Takuya explained.


The same thought process and philosophy led to the Jimdo café in Nagoya! "I just stole Takuya's idea," Akira Nozaki admitted, "except I only have my café once a month and make it available to everyone -- whether they pay or not." For Akira, the most important thing is for people to get to know each other and Jimdo.


The Jimdo Café Idea is Spreading

These first two locations in Tokyo and Nagoya are just the beginning. Takuya is dreaming of an entire Jimdo shopping street in Tokyo. And both Jimdo café organizers are sure that the idea will spread very simply in Japan -- and maybe into other countries?


Want to read more about Takuya, Akira, and their idea. Then read the entire interview with Takuya & Akira on There's even a short interview with Mr. Ogawa, a Jimdo café visitor!