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Are you looking for a template to make your portfolio website? Smart thinking. With portfolio website templates from Jimdo you can create your perfect online presence. Show people what you're doing, where you've worked and what you're good at! For example: If you're a freelancer - why not show your references on your portfolio website? Are you looking for a new job or contract work? Show off your skills and experiences right on your own website.


Portfolio Website Templates are flexible!

Every portfolio is different - every website should be different, too! So take your favorite portfolio template and adapt it to your personality and work history. Every portfolio website template offers a lot of customization options. Try out different colors, images and more.

Portfolio website template P468

Show your creative side with portfolio website template P468. The layout is sophisticated and timeless with smooth lines and rounded corners. A left-hand navigation bar draws in website visitors.


Be creative and customize it!

  • Change header size
  • Customize fonts
  • Shift the layout to the left or right
  • Use a custom color or a background and header photo

Here are some great examples from Jimdo Users who built their portfolio websites with template P468:

Portfolio website template F4096

If you want to have a elegant layout for your website, look no further. Nothing adds a note of elegance to your portfolio website like this template!


Change it up: make this portfolio website template your own!


  • Change fonts
  • Adjust the layout to the left or right
  • Expand or shrink header size
  • Switch navigation background colors
  • Change background and header photos or use a custom color

Here are some examples how users adapted the F4096 for their portfolio websites:

Portfolio website template F461

This portfolio website template is very classical, and perfect for blogging. If you want to engage your visitors with your thoughts and writings and share new projects in your blog, this template will suit your needs perfectly. It features clean styling and classic lines.


Customize portfolio website template F461

  • Change background and header photos or use a custom color 
  •  Adjust the layout to the left or right 
  • Customize fonts 
  • Expand or shrink header size

Here is are some examples of portfolio websites with a customized portfolio website template F461:

Portfolio website template P4109

Your portfolio in focus: This portfolio website template has a minimalist layout. With a reduced header area, this template offers a lot of space to focus on your references and skills. The layout of this business website template uses a two-toned color scheme.


Customize portfolio website template P4109


  • Switch navigation background color
  • Customize fonts
  • Change the background and header photos or use a custom color
  • Expand or shrink size of the header
  • Adjust layout to the left or right

Portfolios built on P4109

Have a look at these Jimdo users who customized template P4109 for their portfolio websites:

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