Jimdo loves TV!

Jimdo has gone video! We've combined our love for users and for videos to create JimdoTV; a collection of episodes where we go on on the road to visit our users and tell their stories for you to enjoy.

We come across so many awesome websites created with Jimdo, but we're often left wondering: who's behind the design and products? Armed with a camera, mic, and charm, our roving JimdoTV reporters are uncovering Jimdo customer's fascinating stories and cool products.


What kind of stories are right for JimdoTV? An online store selling handmade jewelry? A website for a corner bakery? A clothing label, a trendy blog, or even a sushi restaurant? All this and more - as long as the idea strikes our fancy, we'll cover it on JimdoTV.

If you want to learn more about JimdoTV (and you do, we promise!), check out our teaser video pm the left or jump into the latest episode below. Enjoy the show!

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JimdoTV Episode 4: Bobsmade


The fourth episode of JimdoTV features Bobsmade, a German company that makes custom-designed art and clothing. Bobsmade gave away a surprise package to a lucky Jimdo user for Decemberfest, and in this episode of JimdoTV we get to meet the people behind the beautiful products. Lisa, the founder of Bobsmade, is a really interesting person, and she talks to our host Ria about how Bobsmade got started, what sorts of designs people ask for, and how long it takes to complete a custom design. 


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Quijote Coffee





JimdoTV Episode #3 - A Cup of Quijote Coffee

The third episode of JimdoTV is here! This time we feature Quijote Coffee, a coffee roasting plant not far from Jimdo HQ in Hamburg. The coffee lovers in our main office use Quijote Coffee's delicious espresso beans to wake themselves up in the morning. Two of the plant's employees, Steffi and Pingo, showed JimdoTV host Ria around and helped answer a question that many of us rarely think about: What steps are involved in getting a coffee bean from the farm where it's grown to a coffee cup thousands of miles away?

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JimdoTV Episode #2 - Fit for Summer!

Production for the latest episode of JimdoTV was a little sweatier than usual (at least for a few of us). It's never too late to get fit, and since there are still a few weeks left of summer to hit the beach, we decided to do some strength training and body toning. Svenja and I visited John Ellis in San Francisco — a personal trainer and fitness coach at The Science of Exercise — and put his training methods to test.

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Introducing JimdoTV! Episode #1: Drawing with Yuki

Television, Jimdo-style: Take two roving reporters from headquarters in Hamburg, load them down with video gear and send them off into the California sun. Mix in one Japanese illustrator, a few friends, and voila! The first official1 episode of JimdoTV is ready for your viewing pleasure.


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