GeoCities has sunk, the Lifeboat has set sail!

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A Lifeboat for Geocities & Google Pages


Hey Google Pages & Geocities Users

 -- Did we hear an SOS (Save Our Site)?


Yahoo has announced they're shutting down Geocities later this year. What are you going to do? All that work you've put into your site, everything you've accumulated there over the years. What's going to happen to it?


Come to Jimdo! Yahoo hasn't given more details about the final shutdown; jump ship while you can.


We worked hard this week to make an easy way for Geocities users to migrate over to Jimdo accounts. The Jimdo Lifeboat is finished. It's ready to save your site.


Google Page Creator users, did you know that Google's shutting down the service in June? -- we're here for you too!

(The Jimdo Lifeboat for Google Page Creator isn't quite finished yet, stay tuned)


We think you'll like Jimdo better:


"Jimdo runs circles around Google Page Creator"

- MG Siegler on ParisLemon


"One issue I have with these sites is that design can still be fairly constrained. Today Jimdo has tackled that problem by letting you easily grab a design from any site in a couple steps."

- Nick Gonzalez on TechCrunch


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