How to Make Your Own Website

Making a website doesn't have to be difficult: we'll show you how to make your own website—step by step.


Before you get started, you should ask yourself a few questions: what do you want to do with your website? Are you interested in making a business website or a personal website? Do you want a website just to showcase your content (i.e. photos, texts, and videos)? Or do you want a blog or an online store? With Jimdo, there is an easy solution for everything you'd ever want on a website.


How to make your own website in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a provider

This is actually the most important step of all: some website builders are easy to use and reputable, others are unnecessarily complicated or too expensive, and many more are just not very good. Here's a hint: go with a company you trust, one that has been reviewed in the news and which has a lot of users.


Jimdo is a website builder that has been in business since 2007 and has already helped people create millions of free websites. We pride ourselves on offering the easiest way to make a website. Jimdo also offers detailed video tutorials and a robust Support Center to guide you through how to make your own website.


If you're looking at several website builders or web hosting companies, ask yourself these important questions:



Jimdo offers the complete package, including free website hosting, for people looking to create a website.


Step 2: Choose a name and log in

If you're interested in trying Jimdo, be sure to browse our selection of modern templates or sign up at the top of this page. Simply type in your desired website name, enter your email address, and you'll be able to start building your site right away. 

Step 3: Add a header image

If you're a business, an attractive header photo at the top of your website serves to help brand your website. If you're making a personal website, header images introduce visitors to you and your personality.


The video on the right shows you how to upload a header photo, adjust it, add a title, logo, and more.


Step 4: Adjust the navigation

Navigation is the word used to describe all the pages on your website and how visitors can get to them. The buttons at the top of your website are your main navigation links: they link to your various pages, your blog, or your online store.


Step 5: Create content

Hopefully, you've learned a bit about how to create your own website and what makes your website look good to visitors. But for a great website to attract people's attention and keep them coming back, you need great content. That means good-looking photos, videos, and text that people will want to read and share.


Have a lot to say? Create a blog. It's great for SEO, and if you write well and frequently, you can draw people back to your website and keep them interested in your offerings. Just remember: you can make a portfolio website, a personal website, or a photographer website—whatever you want your free site to be, it can be!


Making a website of your own is not hard, but it will take time and a bit of dedication. Why not get started now with a free website from Jimdo?


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