DevOps Hipster

aka Infrastructure Engineer / Systems Administrator

Jimdo is a website builder that enables people with no technical skills to build stunning websites. We are young, fun and bootstrapping - which means you'll have to think outside the box.


Our product stands for great usability and visual flexibility. We offer a high-quality integration of photos, videos and text and put our users in the position to build awesome online shops within minutes. Currently, there are over 8 million websites built using Jimdo, so join us on our way to world domination!



This position is full-time and located at our headquarters in the wonderful city of Hamburg. Of course, there are even more reasons to work at Jimdo.




Work Environment

We work in the agile spirit of "If you break it, will you notice? If you notice, can you fix it?". We build infrastructure and thrive for short feedback loops. We deploy several times a day, test driven (Rspec, Cucumber, PHPUnit). We love metrics, thats why we have dashboards in all our offices!


To boost our personal development, we introduced the "Open Friday", an Open Space format at Jimdo offering a wide range of workshops and presentations. Hence we give you a playground to conquer new technologies every Friday.


We enjoy attending conferences (FOSDEM, FrOSCon, DevOps Days etc.) and usergroups, plenty of which are hosted by Jimdo in Hamburg.

Duties and Responsibilities

You understand the potential that hides between development and operations and are eager to uncover that treasure. You adore automatisation. In the end, you always drop the adequate DevOps Borat punchline.


  • Automate monkey tasks in development and operations.
  • Create best practices for communication, collaboration and integration.
  • Operate, optimise and refine the Jimdo systems architecture.

The Jimdo Wishlist

We understand that humans aren’t omniscient. We all live and learn. But here are some points to gain for mere mortals:


  • You know Linux. You know Debian. You've seen a shell once in awhile. POSIX means something to you. Packaging, logging and monitoring are topics you have dealt with.
  • You operated web applications at scale.
  • You are fluent in at least one language of your passion, be it Ruby, PHP, Python or something we don’t know yet.
  • You experienced the advantages of configuration management tools like Puppet or Chef, plus you know their pitfalls.
  • You are used to pushing your code to version control systems, preferably git.
  • Continuous integration and deployment are no strangers to you.
  • You know cloud based infrastructure solutions like Amazon Web Services or Heroku.
  • You get a bonus point for an in-depth understanding of MySQL.
  • Job or messaging queues? Gearman, RabbitMQ, Dropr? You know what we are talking about.


  • You can see the big picture and you are open minded about how to achieve it.
  • The agile approach comes naturally to you. You've read the Agile Manifesto or heard about kanban.
  • You have no fear of change. You question things. When necessary, you take a lead.
  • You are curious and still excited to discover the unknown.
  • You are keen to become better at what you do every day.
  • And of course, you are a DevOps hipster, and admire tools like Graphite, Vagrant, Logstash or Graylog2 and Open Source in general.

Time to apply!

Ready to bring Pages to the People? Please send your application to Ole.