Make an Online Store

Make an online store for free with Jimdo


Ever wanted to start selling online to earn a bit of extra cash? With Jimdo, you can make your own online store, absolutely free. All you have to do is , log in, and get started making money. It's absolutely free, and it's absolutely easy.


Jimdo offers hundreds of good-looking layouts and lots of options for customizing your online store. To get started selling online, first you have to make a free website—just enter your site name and email above and you can start right away. Our free website builder is incredibly easy—and it includes free website hosting.

What can I do with my online store?


First and foremost, you can sell! Over 200,000 people have created online stores with Jimdo and sold millions of products. 


You can add photos and even videos of your products, create automatic email responses when someone buys from your store, and set shipping prices and tax rates.


You can also use a Store Catalog to organize your products.

How do I create an online store?


  1. Start your online shop by . Just choose a site name above and enter your password—that's it.
  2. Now log into your site and get started. Change around everything to make the website look the way you want, add new pages or delete ones you don't need.
  3. To start creating your web store, just click on the "Add element" button and choose "Store Product." Write a description, upload pictures, enter a price, and your store is on its way.
  4. Make the best free website possible, and then share it with your friends and family.