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JimdoPages for Your Community or Industry Become a PagePartner

How It Works


"Jimdo’s new PagePartner makes website networks easier than ever."

Websites for your Community or Industry
Do you know a group of people who should have JimdoPages? Then this is the perfect solution. Leverage the viral effect within your community or industry.

Lower Barriers to Entry
Make it easier for your community or niche market to start their own websites by creating a special, custom template for them. They can sign up for a JimdoPage right on your website!

Succeed with Jimdo
Become the top reseller in target audience -- whether they're sports fans or a special market segment -- link your PagePartner account with our affiliate partner program.

Your Advantages

Today, everyone needs their own website! But they might not know (as you do now) how easy it is to make one now. Introduce people in your community, industry, or association to this simple way to start their own websites. Soon word will get around that they can sign up for a JimdoPage on your site.

Signing up for a website goes through a signup box on your website. The focus stays on your site, and you'll be offering your visitors and community members more value. Just add your own logo, customize the design, or add your own content to increase the visibility and stature of your organization, your brand, your company, etc.

Jimdo offers an innovative technical solution and you can take full advantage of this! We'll take care of everything -- if questions or problems come up, the Jimdo Support team is there to answer them. You can relax and enjoy the partnership with one of the world's leading website builders.

Become a PagePartner in 3 Steps

Create a JimdoPage

Become a PagePartner

Pages to YOUR People!

Set up this JimdoPage as a template
Sign up for a JimdoPage and set it up as a template you want to offer to your community or target market.

Sign up to become a PagePartner
Just fill out the form - that's it! We'll send you the information you need, including the signup box to embed on your website.

Your template for everyone
Make it easier for everyone to create their own website -- and share your template with the world.

Make Getting Started Easy

Create the JimdoPage that will be the template for your customers!

What does that mean? It's simple: for example, do you offer websites to doctors? Then make their lives easier and starting their website faster by structuring your template to meet the needs of a doctor's practice: add pages like opening hours, specialties, driving directions; select a design that fits; and insert some photos that work. Doctors that sign up through your site for a specialized doctor website will only have to add in their own information - done!

Of course, if they want to, they can change the design and edit the site to fit their wishes.

Partner Templates

Create a JimdoPage Template!

Don't have a JimdoPage you can use as a template yet? Set up a free JimdoPage as a template!

Create New JimdoPages Directly on Your Website

The Sign Up Box goes right on your website
The Sign Up Box goes right on your website

Everyone can sign up for a JimdoPage right on your website!

You get your own signup box that you can embed on your website - perhaps on a special landing page.


If someone signs up for a JimdoPage through your site, their site will be automatically created using the template you made, including your logo, your design, and your content! Easy as pie.

PagePartner Examples

What PagePartners are saying

Sports Fan Sites from HSV

"With Jimdo, we are giving our fans all over the world an easy, uncomplicated, and free way to make their own websites with an HSV design. This strengthens our idea of a large community whose members can show their passion for our team in their own unique way, but are still bound together by camaraderie."

Wedding Websites

"We picked Jimdo because we were looking for a simple yet professional solution for our couples to set up a wedding website. The special template combined with Jimdo's easy interface is a great value for our couples."

JimdoPages for Hotels and Vacation Rentals

"Using Jimdo, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rental owners in Kleinwalsertal can put together their own websites easily, right from our website. If someone doesn't have a website, they don't exist for people who are searching anymore. We've tested many solutions from other companies with similar models, as well as offers from agencies and organizations. In selecting Jimdo, the ease of use was very important to us."

Doctor Sites from DocInsider

"DocInsider decided to recommend Jimdo to its customers. From our point of view, Jimdo is so self-explanatory; it makes it easy for quality-conscious people, who normally work with needles and scalpels, to make their own professional websites. A Jimdo website is the ideal complement to DocInsider's premium offering."