Create a JimdoPage Template

  1. Don't have a JimdoPage yet that you can use as a template? Sign up now for a free site.
  2. Design and layout the JimdoPage so that it can be used as a website template for your customers or community.
  3. Sign up for PagePartner. We'll send you a unique sign-up box (embed code) that you can add to your website. You're ready to give Pages to YOUR People!

Template created? Then join PagePartner!


Creating a JimdoPage as a Website Template for your Customers and Community

Set up your template so that it's customized for your community or niche! You know best what content or subpages could be useful and make getting their sites ready easier.


Insert your logo, create a special design, or add special content -- then share your template with your community and target group! You'll see some examples for partners who have created templates for their communities or niches!

Adding a Landing Page to your Website


On your own website (not your template), you'll need to add a landing page -- a special page on your site. You can explain the advantages of having a website and place your PagePartner signup box there. Explain a little bit about how the signup process works. Need some inspiration? Check out the examples below.

Still have questions?

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