PagePartner Frequently Asked Questions

What is PagePartner?

The PagePartner program lets you partner with Jimdo to take advantage of our website building system. If you want to target a certain niche market, if you're active in a community, or you want to make websites for local offices or franchises of a business, PagePartner is for you. You create a template and customize it for the group you have in mind. You can also add your own logo, set up a custom design, and insert special content. Then, sign up for PagePartner and we'll send you a special signup widget for your website. Once you embed the signup box on your website, anyone can sign up for a JimdoPage right on your website. When they sign up, their JimdoPage will be based on the template you've created -- but is customizable, of course.


Do you offer a white label option?

Jimdo doesn't offer a white-label option. You can (and we encourage you to) integrate your logo into the template you create. The partnership benefits everyone: You connect your organization, company, or brand  to your customers using your logo and content. Your customers get a website customized for their needs from the  moment they register. And Jimdo? We're happy to have new, happy Jimdo users.


Is signing up for PagePartner free?

Yes, joining the PagePartner program is free, as is participating in our affiliate program.


Can I participate in the PagePartner and Affiliate programs at the same time?

Yes, definitely! You can join PagePartner and become an affiliate at the same, so you can earn commission for JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness sites.


Do I have to have a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness site myself in order to become a PagePartner?

No, JimdoFree users can also participate in the PagePartner program. However, you'll likely attract more JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness users (and thus earn commission), if you have a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness site yourself.


Can I embed the Jimdo signup box on my website, even if it's not a JimdoPage?

Of course! You can embed your signup box in any kind of website, blog, etc. -- even if it's not a Jimdo site.


Who can join PagePartner?

Anyone can become a PagePartner to share Jimdo with their community. We do reserve the right, however, to review the content of the partnerships.


What happens when I edit the template website?

Sign up for PagePartner when you've finished setting up your template. If you make any changes to the template later, these will automatically show up in *new* sites created by users who sign up after the change. Existing sites will not be changed. Please note there is some lag between when you update your template and when the changes appear in new sites.


Who provides support?

If your customers, clients, or community members have questions about using Jimdo, they can contact our support team at any time!


Can the users change from the layout I selected in the template?

Of course. The users can change their sites (layout, design, etc.)  however they want, just like any other JimdoPage.


How many JimdoPages can be created from each signup box?

There's no maximum! We don't want to set any limits on you. So don't worry about going over the number of sites that can be created with your PagePartner signup box.


Are there any restrictions on the template sites? What can and can't I include?

A few types of page elements can't be copied in the template process. Please don't include store products, file downloads, blog posts, or password protected areas in your template.


What happens if I delete my template?

Your signup box becomes a "regular" JimdoPage signup box.