Phone Support

Sorry, Jimdo does not offer phone support

The most efficient, secure, and cost effective way for us to resolve your questions and concerns is via an email support ticket. When you email us your questions, we're able to review your ticket history and refer to previous instructions or actions taken. This information helps Jimdo's support team provide you with detailed email instructions for the best solution.  

We're always here for you

We care about our community—we really do.


Jimdo's Support Team is always just an email away.  Do you need your question answered quickly because your business depends on a prompt response? JimdoBusiness and JimdoPro users receive priority service from our Support Team. 


Questions? Contact us now.  


Live Chat Support is online 9AM to 5PM Pacific Time dependent upon staff availability. If you're trying to contact us between these hours, hang tight. We'll be available to help just as soon as we can.