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Make a free photographer website with Jimdo

You take great pictures, but do you have your own photography website to put them on? Do you have a photographer profile on Flickr, 500px, or another photo hosting site, but want to make your own website for your photography business or hobby?


Make a website using Jimdo's free website builder to display and sell all your photos right now:

  • Show off your entire photo portfolio on your own site
  • Sell your photos and videos in your own online store
  • It's completely free—upgrade to JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness for your own domain name, email address, and more.

Photography websites help attract new clients

If you are an avid photographer, either as a professional shutterbug or someone who loves taking pictures as a hobby, you are probably looking for a website of your own where you can present your work—at least you should be. Why? Because by making your own free photo website, you're creating a platform where prospective clients, friends, or family members can find your photography online. With your website, you also have a better chance of gaining new clients—think search engines! After all, how often have you tried to find information on something and turned to Google, Bing, or Yahoo for help? And who wants to hire a photographer without seeing their photos first?


To make the Internet work for you and your photography business, you should create your own website. With Jimdo, it's easy and it's free. If you're a freelancer or even just a hobby photographer moonlighting on the side, having your own photography website tells people you're serious—and it allows you to show off your best work. Add contact details, testimonials, maybe a photography-related blog; there's room on your photo website for all this and more. The important thing is to focus on your strengths and find your niche, both in the photos you take and in the other content you share on your website.

With the Jimdo website builder, you can upload full-size photos or thumbnails to your website in minutes. Feel free to sign up for free today using the form at the top of this page, or take a look at our collection of modern templates first.

Make your own free online store to sell your photos

If you're a professional photographer, you might have prints you want to sell. That's easy with your free Jimdo photo website. Just make an online store with a shopping cart for your photos. If you have any questions or concerns, we're here to help. Jimdo has a range of helpful video tutorials, as well as a comprehensive Support Center to help you get started building your website.


It's no exaggeration to say that Jimdo is the easiest way to build a free portfolio website

Your domain name: your photo website's address

The Jimdo website builder is absolutely free for making your own photo website—so there's nothing standing between you and your new website. No matter how skilled you are as a photographer, you should have your own website available to others. When you make a free website with Jimdo, you are asked to choose a subdomain, such as ""


If you're already a photo professional, it makes sense to consider owning your own domain name, which you can print on business cards or advertise elsewhere. Learn more about getting your own domain with JimdoPro.

Some photography websites on Jimdo

If you're looking for examples of photography websites built using the Jimdo platform, visit our examples page. We also frequently offer photography tips on the Jimdo Blog, such as Tips for Product Photography: The Power of a Smartphone.