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Creating a JimdoBusiness website was designed to be easy, so you can focus on your actual business. You don't need any special skills, and you don't need to hire a coder. 

It's been a breath of fresh air to work on a webside builder that's good! - Sebastian Stall Beispiele von Jimdo-Shops
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Fast track to success

Professional design, faster customer support, a free domain, additional email accounts, and larger online stores: these are just a few of the advantages of JimdoBusiness.

We love websites—and we love innovation. That's why we guarantee that you'll be as happy with our pace of future development as you are with your website now. Go with someone you trust: after all, your business depends on your website.

As unique as your business

Designed for success

It's no secret that great-looking websites are more successful than boring ones. Jimdo's templates let you stay current with the latest in design trends while still allowing you to customize your website to make it your own.

Picture perfect

Harness the emotional power of beautiful photos or other graphics on your website. Change your header at the click of a button, add image galleries and multiple product shots to encourage people to buy.

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All your business site needs

Online store

Ecommerce made simple. You don't need special skills—just a few hours on the Internet with Jimdo. Over 200,000 users are already selling online with their own Jimdo store. Yours is included in the price of JimdoBusiness—with no limit on the number of store items. 

Out-of-the box mobile

Mobile optimized? Your Jimdo site is. The future of web surfing and shopping is mobile—and your JimdoBusiness website is already optimized for iPhone, Android, and tablets. Take advantage of the growing number of mobile Internet users with a JimdoBusiness site for your store or company.

Google & Bing

Have a great website, but no visitors? Not with your JimdoBusiness site. SEO-friendly URLs, pure HTML, and a blog for fresh content: we put the secret to search success in the palm of your hands.

Support from humans

We're here to answer your questions in a language you can understand. JimdoBusiness website owners get priority support and T.L.C. from our team (usually within two hours on business days).


The sky's the limit: room for all your photos, words, and more. With JimdoBusiness, you get unlimited web space and unlimited traffic, so you'll never hit a wall or be charged more for extra traffic.

Password protection

Keep content private—or create a special invite-only area for clients or employees. You can add as many password-protected areas as you like—each with a unique password.

Domains & email

A free domain to make your website more professional. 20 email addresses make it easy to reach you. Got a domain of your own? Connect it with JimdoBusiness—our Support Team can help you.

Share & like

The best business website is only worth its weight if it reaches your target audience. That's where Twitter and Facebook come in. Use social media and a blog to engage your website visitors.

Still have questions about JimdoBusiness?

We've covered the most common questions below.

Can I upgrade to JimdoBusiness if I already have a JimdoFree site and don't want to start from scratch?
Yes. To upgrade from JimdoFree to JimdoBusiness, log in to your Jimdo website and click on the "Upgrade" button in the right sidebar. Don't worry. Your content will stay the same.

I already have a domain name. Can I use it with JimdoBusiness?
Yes, you certainly can. Just type your domain in at the beginning of the order process and confirm that you're the owner. We'll help you connect your domain to your Jimdo website or transfer it completely to Jimdo—you decide!

How many email accounts does JimdoBusiness include?
Each JimdoBusiness account comes with 20 email accounts and unlimited email aliases (forwarding addresses). You can also purchase additional email accounts.

How long does a JimdoBusiness subscription last?
When you sign up for JimdoBusiness, the subscription lasts for one year. About one month before the year is over, you can simply cancel (by email) or the subscription will renew automatically.

Do you offer a free trial of JimdoBusiness?
Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial of JimdoBusiness that allows you to try out all the features. Sign up for a JimdoBusiness free trial today. Complete your purchase at any time to register your custom domain and create email addresses.
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