More Views for Your Video with the Right Tags

You've finished your video, and now you’re ready to post it to the web. If you want people to be able to find it, it's essential you enter the right tags on YouTube. This is SEO (Search Engine Optimization, meaning making it easier for search engines to find out what your video is about).


If your topic is "How to build your own website", you might choose these tag phrases:
"make website", "website creator", "website builder", "create website", "create website for free", "my website", "free homepage".


Depending on your specific topic, you'll want to tag your video with the appropriate keywords: "make web store" or "create a blog", for example. Once you've put together a list of keywords, you can add them to YouTube.


How to Add Tags on YouTube:



Sign into YouTube and upload your video, if you haven't already. In the upper-right-hand corner you'll see your username. Click on your username, and then on “My Videos”.

You'll then see a list with all the videos you've uploaded. Click on the "Edit button" next to your video (the red arrow is pointing to it).





Here you can enter

1. A title for your video (should match your topic)

2. A description (what's your video about?)

3. Tags/keywords for your video. It works best if you put them in “quotes”.    

4. Don't forget to Save!


For more information on tagging videos, check out the YouTube guides here and here.


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