Topics for the Jimdo Video Contest

Here's where we get into the nitty gritty details of video topics for the contest. It’s up to you, though: you can pick a completely unique topic as long as it’s related to Jimdo or a Jimdo function - that's what the "Jimdo - Pages to the People!" category is for. We’re excited to see what you come up with! Tap into your own Jimdo experience, include websites with great designs and examples to illustrate - for example, show off your own blog or online store. If you’d like more information on Jimdo features, you can try looking in our Help section. You can also email us with your questions. 


How to create a cool Jimdo website in five minutes or less

Show how to set up a personalized JimdoPage quickly using the “building block” system. And if you happen to know a few well-designed Jimdo websites, even better. Use them to illustrate your video.


How to set up an online store with Jimdo

It’s easy to set up a web store on your Jimdo website. Just a few clicks and some customizing, and your products are ready to be sold. Your video should show how simple it is to set up a store on Jimdo. If you have a few examples of great Jimdo stores as examples, so much the better!


SEO - Help people find your Jimdo website

It's not only your video that needs to be tagged and optimized for search engines, Jimdo websites are also excellent candidates for SEO glory. If you choose to accept this challenge, your video will describe the basics of search engine optimization. You can tackle questions such as: how can I move my JimdoPage to the top of the search results page? How can I make my T-shirt store show up when people search for summer clothes


How to set up a blog on Jimdo

Jimdo and blogging – how does that work? What are blog categories? How do I make my blog stand out? Videos on this topic can show user blogs that are particularly well done - interesting, stylish, and well-structured.


How to move your website domain to Jimdo

 What if you’ve already got a domain of your own you want to keep, but still want to make the move to Jimdo? You video can show what to do!

How to make a multilingual Jimdo website

Here at Jimdo, multilingual is our middle name. So of course you can create a website in English and Spanish, or Japanese and Mandarin, or whatever language combinations you wish. The question is, how? If you have the answer to this one – and want to make a video about it – the Jimdo community would love to see it!


How to create custom forms for my website on Jimdo

Contact forms are important, no question about it: it's an easy way for visitors to your website to get in touch with you. Videos in this category will show viewers how to create an excellent and personalized contact form.


Jimdo – the greatest and easiest website builder in the world!

If you’re feeling the love for Jimdo, we’re not going to hold you back :). Go ahead and share it, spread it around – tell the world why you love your JimdoPage, and why everyone should get one.


How to design a great looking website on Jimdo

Some websites look beautiful. Other websites – well, let’s just say they could use a makeover. With Jimdo, it’s easy. You’re just a few clicks away from a completely new layout – and a new look. This video shows the ins and outs of changing layouts – with lots of good-looking examples, of course.


Choose your own - for all Jimdo topics not listed

Maybe you’re thinking: great topics, guys, but none of them is quite right for me. Fine by us! This is the topic for everything that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories. Feel free to go wild – we’re excited to see what you come up with.