Start an online store in 5 steps with Jimdo.

Selling your products online can be simple.

With Jimdo, you can make an online store in just a few minutes.


It doesn't matter if you're new to website building or have been selling online for years. Jimdo is a powerful, simple solution for anyone to set up an online store. Start your online store by following the 5 steps below.

Jimdo makes online shopping and ecommerce easy.

Watch the video or read on to learn the basics of creating your own website, setting up your product pages, and best practices for selling online.


Step 1: Sign up for a website and register your free domain name.

Signing up for Jimdo takes only a few minutes. You can start with a free site and upgrade later, or start right away with JimdoBusiness, the perfect package for creating an online store. 


When you upgrade to or sign up for JimdoBusiness, you'll get to choose your own domain name. This is how your current customers and potential customers will find your online store. Choosing a simple domain name that's easy to say, easy to read, and easy to type into a web browser is the first step in establishing a successful online brand.


Choose from a .com, .net, .org or any number of other top-level-domains. We recommend sticking with one of the commonly used types, but not at the expense of simplicity. With so many domains already registered, it may be hard to find one that works for you. Start with your business name, then try adding related keywords to the beginning or end. But remember, keep it short and sweet. Your customers will thank you.

Step 2: Set up payment and shipping options for your online store.

Jimdo payment and shipping options.

Ecommerce is all about payment and shipping. With Jimdo, you have a number of options for both so you can provide the best solutions for each of your many different types of customers.


Do you want to accept secure digital payments with PayPal? Do you want to accept online credit card payments? Bank transfers? Cash on delivery? These are some questions you'll need to answer in order to set up your payment options. Provide just one, or all of these options. It's up to you.


Selling online means you can reach a global market. But shipping globally comes at a price. Decide which regions of the world you're willing to ship to, and adjust your shipping costs accordingly.


With Jimdo, you can reward customers for placing large orders by waiving the shipping charge, and also provide discount codes for orders that meet a certain criteria.

Step 3: Design your online store.

Set your online store up for success by giving it a beautiful website to exist in.


Luckily, building a website with Jimdo can take less than an hour. Start with one of our many layouts designed specifically for online stores and then customize it with your own style to make it beautifully your own. You probably already have a few colors in mind, and you can incorporate these into whatever theme you choose. Go with the defaults, or fine-tune your style down to the color of your buy buttons, checkout screens, and more.


With your website looking its best, it's time to start adding product pages. Decide on product categories and sub-categories so your customers will easily be able to shop, browse, and find what they're looking for. Adding search functionality to your site will make product discovery even easier, and it's simple with Jimdo.

Step 4: Add store items and store catalogs.

Jimdo products and catalogs.

Your online store can be greater than the sum of its parts, but its parts – store items and store catalogs – will make it or break it.


With all the setup out of the way, you're ready to start selling the moment you add your first store item. Start by uploading stunning images of your products from 360 different angles – or maybe just the best few. Great images are what sell, so you'll want to choose the best ones to represent each of your products.


Then give your products buzz-worthy, to-the-point descriptions. Your customers will want to know exactly what they're getting, but they also need to be sold. Good copy alongside brilliant images will help seal the deal and get your products into your customers' shopping carts.


Finally, configure any variant, pricing, shipping, tax, or discount options you want.


With Jimdo, you can also tag and display each of your products in store catalogs to feature new items, popular items, or items similar to each other. 

Step 5: Optimize your online store for social and search.

We know your products are worth sharing, so let them be shared.


Great products are better when they're recommend by a friend, and Jimdo makes facilitating that recommendation easy. Adding social share functionality for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for each of your products will make it easy for your customers to spread the word on all the most popular networks.


With so many people talking about your products, you're generating the backlinks necessary to generate credibility with search engines like Google and Bing. And since Jimdo store's are already optimized using microformats for search engines, your online store is going to rank high and look great in their results pages.

Create your website.

The first step to creating an online store with Jimdo is to sign up for a free website.


Choose a layout.

Choose the perfect layout from our many professional designs.

Adjust your style.

Change your colors, choose your fonts, add a background image, and make your site unique with just a few clicks.

Set up your product pages.

Add a new page for each of your store items. There's no limit to the number of pages you can create with Jimdo, which means there's no limit to how many products you can sell.


Example online store built with Jimdo.

Be social.

Easily add share buttons as well as Facebook and Google+ like buttons to your product pages so your customers can help you spread the word.

Your products are better when they're recommended by a friend.


Start selling.

You can begin selling the same day you sign up for Jimdo.


Shopping cart with various items on a Jimdo website.

Ready for customers.

Immediately after you add your first store item and set a price, your store is ready for sales. Set up store catalogs so your customers can browse for similar items.


PayPal and payment logos.

Secure payments with PayPal.

PayPal can be integrated easily with all Jimdo stores so you can accept digital payments securely.

Your Jimdo store on mobile.

Online stores optimized for mobile.

All Jimdo websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices. Enable Mobile View, choose a mobile layout, and your customers will be able to browse your online store from whatever device they choose.

Start making money with Jimdo.

We think Jimdo is the easiest, quickest way to start selling online, and we're sure you'll agree. You can try all of Jimdo's powerful features and sell your products online now by signing up for a free Jimdo website.


When you're ready, try out some advanced features, optimize your store for search engines, and start making money right away!

Share the wealth.

Now that you know how easy it is to sell online with Jimdo, why not share that knowledge with your friends? Spread the word with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and help someone else discover how easy it is to set up their own online store.


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