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High resolution, detailed, and from all angles -- add as many pictures of your items as you want. Don't miss the detail-zoom feature, perfect for showing off your products up close (try it by moving your mouse over the image on the left).

Your store's visitors will want to reach out and touch each item... so much that they'll order just to get their hands on them! 

Create Product Pages


You're not limited to images and text -- you can present your merchandise in the best light with all the tools Jimdo has to offer: videos, PDFs, widgets, and more.  While you're at it, why not get your customers excited about your products? If you're selling surfboards, add a video someone using it right there!


Our tip: set up a page for every product you're selling. You can then link to these detailed product pages from the catalog view, making sure each item has a custom description page.

Popular Products


Do you offer more than one product? Well, then a good overview is important! With the catalog view, set up a comprehensive catalog -- or multiple special ones filtered by tag -- to display your products by popularity, by type (only hoodies, for example), or by another criterion. It's a great way to introduce your customers to shopping in your store.

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The best store in the world and the most awesome products in the world won't do you any good if no one can find it! That's why we've given you leg up on the rest by building in automatic search engine optimization. Your items will automatically saved in the right microformat. This makes it much easier for search engines to discover and index your products.

Shopping Cart

A simple and well-organized shopping cart is an essential part of your online store's success! Your customers can add multiple items to the cart, adjust the quantity, and when they're finished, pay for everything together.

Secure Payments, Simple Order Process

Your customers can pay securely through PayPal - including with credit and debit cards. For JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness stores, you can give your customers other options for payment, like personal checks, invoicing, pickup, and local delivery.

Order Process

A simple and straightforward shopping experience for your customers: add the item to the shopping cart, choose a payment method, enter a delivery address, and complete the order with the click. It can't get any easier!

Order Management

When a customer places an order, it appears immediately in easy-to-use order overview. You can take care of orders quickly, so you have more time for what's important: selling!

Advanced Functions for Power Sellers

Customize Emails to Customers

We've set up templates for your order confirmation and shipping notification emails, as well as an order completion message. You can customize all of these to fit your exact  needs.


Terms of Service & Return Policy

Do you need Terms of Service or a return/cancellation policy for your store? If you do, you can fill these out in your store's settings. They'll be automatically linked in the footer of your site.

Sales Tax Calculator

If you need to charge sales tax, you can set it up in your Jimdo store. You can even set different tax rates for different items (or even for shipping). You can choose between charging the tax in addition to the displayed product price (as is common in the US) or including the tax in the product price (as is common for Europe's VAT or Canada's GST).

Shipping Charges

You can set shipping costs for each product individually. If you prefer, you can also set a default shipping cost for all the items in your store, differentiate between standard and international shipping, set a maximum shipping charge, or make shipping free for orders of a certain size.

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