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Are you getting married? You should make a free wedding website on Jimdo to celebrate the special occasion. It's easy to make a stunning website with Jimdo's website building platform—just sign up and make your own wedding website in a flash. Your friends and family will thank you for it. Jimdo is the easiest free website builder in the world. 

Share your memories. Where did you and your partner first meet? Was it through a friend, on a cruise, or even at work? Share your own "falling in love" story on your wedding blog, built right into your own Jimdo wedding website. You can also include social media sharing buttons, so friends can comment on and share your wedding pictures via Facebook, Twitter and more. It's also easy to add a guestbook so your wedding guests can tell you what a fabulous time they had on your special day. What are you waiting for?

                                                                                                                           Wedding website templates

Your wedding website wouldn't be complete without the perfect template—and Jimdo offers a selection of festive templates that you can customize and personalize. After all, it's your wedding—make your wedding website just the way you want it to be!


If you're experience in HTML and CSS, you can even build and use your own custom template for your wedding website.


Here are a few wedding websites using Jimdo templates, as well as a few custom wedding templates:

Your own domain for your wedding website

If you're happy with your free Jimdo website, it will live on Jimdo's subdomain. For example, it might be something like "" or "" Your friends and guests can find your wedding website on the internet under the web address that you choose.

If you want to be even more unique and make your wedding website even more special (this could be the perfect touch to your wedding invitations), you can add your own domain to your wedding website, a URL like If you're interested in doing this, you'll need to upgrade to either JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness.

Protect your wedding website with a password

A wedding is both a public and a private affair—public and open to those on the guest list, and private to everyone else. When you make your free wedding website with Jimdo, you can protect your wedding website from prying eyes with a password you only share with those you know and trust.

A website for the bridal shower?

Looking for the perfect wedding present? A wedding website for your friends or family might be the perfect fit. It's a personal website that is universal, useful, and timely. Every bridal pair needs one! But what if you were the one to create it for the happy couple? If you set up a password-protected area (and hand over the password), the happy duo can decide whether they like the look of it, or whether they want to make some changes. Either way, they'll always remember your gift when they re-visit their website.

Still thinking about making your wedding website? Since it's free with Jimdo, you don't have anything to lose—so get started today!


to start creating the best free website—or share this page with your friends or family, if they're planning a wedding in the near future.


The Jimdo team wishes you a marvelous wedding—and many wonderful anniversaries to come!