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Store Tip: Take Awesome Professional Product Photos - Make Your Own Light Box

We've got a great tip for you today! If you have a store set up on your Jimdo website (or you're thinking about it), taking professional product photographs is essential. And what do you need for awesome pictures of what you're selling? The right background and lighting! So today we've put together an easy guide on how to make your own light box. It's really easy, and it makes an enormous difference in the quality of your photos.

Note: This post has been updated! Please check out our new, improved tutorial on building a DIY Light Box.


  • 1 cardboard box
  • 3 sheets of butcher paper or another light-weight paper
  • 3 lamps ("daylight" lamps are preferable)

How to make your own light box

What is a light box? It's a photo studio in miniature. Shooting photos in the light box keeps the focus completely on the items you want to depict; there are no distractions in the background (which is white, or whatever color you choose to make it) and lighting from three sides eliminates any shadows. The photos below show the steps.



By lighting through the paper, the light is diffused and prevents stark reflections and shadows.


Two more tips:

  • If you can, use lamps/light bulbs that imitate natural light. Otherwise, your background will appear slightly yellow.
  • Always take the photos without flash.


We hope that these tips are helpful! It's pretty easy to create your own light box, and if you're interested in the topic, here are a few other guides from around the web on how to create your own light box or portable studio without spending a lot of money: