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We Like It: Facebook Buttons for Your Jimdo Website

Facebook buttons are now available on Jimdo, and boy do we really like it! It's too bad you can only click Facebook's "Like" button once—if we could, we'd have worn it out already! Jimdo's newest social tool is online: a Facebook element so that your Facebook friends and fans can "like" your Jimdo website, blog posts, photos, and anything else! That way, their friends can see it too, and you can benefit from some viral "oomph"!



Three ways to "like" it

1. The "Like" Button

If you want to add a "like" button to a page or a blog post, you can do it with this version. Visitors to your site will be able to click "like," and you can decide whether you want to just show names or also faces.


2. The "Like" Box

Do you have a Facebook Page for your fans? If you do, you can show how many fans you have on your Jimdo Page now. Choose to show faces or not, to show your news posts—it's up to you!


3. "Facepile"—Faces of your Fans

With both of these options above, you can choose if you want to display profile photos next to the number of likes.


How to add a like button to your Jimdo website


How do you get started?

Just log into your Jimdo website, then pick a blog post or a page on your site that you want to add the "like" button on. Then, click on the "+" element button to add the new Facebook feature, and off you go! There's more information on this element and the different settings in our Support Center.


Let us know how it's working for you in the comments below—and don't forget to "like" this blog post!