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Jimdo for iOS: One Week Later

A little more than a week ago, the Jimdo Team assembled in four countries to prepare for the launch of our iOS app.


Everyone in Hamburg arrived at the office at around 3:30 AM and the team in San Francisco had just ordered dinner. In Moscow, a small group sat around the breakfast table, and the team in Tokyo was enjoying the middle of their day. We were all connected through Google Hangout, and we watched as our mobile team pushed the "big red button" (it was actually a MacBook Air trackpad) that made Jimdo live in the App Store. We celebrated wildy and then we waited to see what the response would be.


Jimdo for iOS in Hamburg office.


The response was incredible.


We posted one day after launch to say thank you to everyone who had downloaded the app and shared their feedback with us. Now, one week later, we want to say thank you again, because this week has completely surpassed our expectations.


In the past 7 days, Jimdo has been featured in thirty-nine different countries, and in twenty-five of those we have a top banner. Jimdo has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, and more than 200 of you have rated the app. Worldwide, Jimdo is a 4.5 star app, and many of you have taken the time to praise the app in well-written reviews.


We've already released one update to the app to squash some small bugs—please download the update and leave another rating so that new people can continue to discover Jimdo.


We appreciate all of the feedback that you've been sending us. Our development team is actively looking through your feature requests as they begin to work on the next major version of Jimdo for iOS.


Thank you all for the support you've given us over the years and in the past week especially. If you're brand new to Jimdo: Welcome. We're glad that you're here. Come join us on Twitter and Facebook and become part of our awesome community.