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Shape Your Customer Experience

Since we launched our ecommerce platform, we've dedicated ourselves to adding new store features while keeping the tools easy to use. Today, we're excited to announce a new feature that gives you even more control of the customer experience in your online store: customizable Order Confirmation Pages. We've also added some extra functionality to our Discount Code feature. Both of these features expand on the ecommerce tools available in our JimdoBusiness plan.




Order Confirmation Page

The new customizable Order Confirmation Page gives you the ability to shape the experience in your store after a customer makes a purchase. Above, you can see an example of a beautiful, simple Order Confirmation Page that we created with this new feature.


The Order Confirmation Page can be edited just as easily as every other page on your site—just click Settings, then Confirmation Page to get to the editor. After that, you can add the Elements that you'd like your customers to see after making a purchase in your online store.


Here are some things you should consider adding to your Order Confirmation Page:


  • Contact information: Make sure your customers can reach out to you if they have questions about their order.
  • Discount codes: Encourage people to become repeat customers in your store by offering a discount code for their next purchase.
  • Popular products: Show off your best products with a Store Catalog element.


We're excited to see the beautiful Order Confirmation Pages you create using this new feature, and your customers are going to love the improved experience of shopping in your store.


Discount Codes

discount1Since we added the ability to create Discount Codes in our online stores, we've gradually added new features that make Discount Codes more flexible. Starting today, it's now possible to set start and end dates so that you can create Discount Codes without having to worry about deleting them later.


To enable this feature for your Discount Codes, simply check Duration in the creation window and then choose a Start Date and an End Date. If someone tries to use the Discount Code too early or after it's expired, the discount won't be applied at checkout.
We hope these new features make your online store even more successful. If you've got suggestions for improvements to our store tools, let us know in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter.


If you haven't yet tried selling online, learn how to set up an online store with Jimdo. We love to see all of the incredible products that people sell worldwide using Jimdo.