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New Shipping Cost Options

Thousands of people have used Jimdo to start selling their products or services online. We’re constantly inspired by the incredible products you sell in your online stores—handmade jewelry and clothing, fair-trade coffee, paintings, sculptures, children’s books, novels, and more.


Today, we’re excited to announce brand new shipping cost options that make it even easier to run a successful online store with Jimdo.


You can activate the new shipping cost options by logging in to your site and visiting “Shipping Costs” in the Settings. Starting May 5, 2014, the new shipping costs will be activated for all online stores, so please make sure to adjust your shipping settings by that date.


Read more about all of the new shipping cost options below, or learn how all of the features work in our Support Center.
Jimdo's new shipping cost options

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Multiple shipping destinations

It’s now possible to set up different shipping costs for different countries, continents, and regions. Create one set of rules for the United States, another for Oceania, and a third for Europe. You can mix and match shipping cost options and successfully run an international online store with shipping charges that make sense for you and your customers.


Read more about setting up shipping destinations.


Jimdo's new shipping feature makes it possible to select multiple shipping destinations and set up robust shipping cost rules.


Flat rate shipping made easy

Simplify shipping for your customers by offering flat rate shipping. Shipping charges in Jimdo stores are now calculated per order rather than per item, so you can easily set a standard shipping charge that will be applied to all orders.


If possible, we recommend offering free shipping to your customers. Flat rate shipping is the next best choice, because it is easy for your customers to understand exactly what their shipping charges will be, making them less likely to abandon their order at checkout.


Read more about setting up flat rate shipping with default shipping costs.


Tag-based and weight-based shipping

We’ve also added tag-based and weight-based shipping options for JimdoBusiness customers. With tag-based shipping, you can assign shipping costs to groups of Store Items that have the same tag. With weight-based shipping, you can assign shipping costs to weight ranges, and then add weights to each of the products in your store.


Beyond that, we’ve also simplified the options for maximum shipping charges and free shipping for large orders. We hope that these changes make it easier for you to set up robust shipping cost rules for multiple regions, and we know that your customers will also benefit from the simplification that comes along with shipping charges calculated per order.