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Update Your Web Browser for Faster and Safer Cruising

Close your eyes and picture this: your web browser is like a car.


The traits we look for in a good car—efficiency, speed, safety, and great features—are the same things we want out of a web browser. You don’t want to get caught careening down Route 66 in a junker, so try not to be seen surfing the web with a browser that’s susceptible to slowness, crashing, and viruses.


Is your web browser stuck in the Model T era?


Why you should update your web browser right now

Change is good. Despite knowing that, we’re often hesitant to make changes. If you’re already eager to leave your old browser behind, download Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari and read on to learn about all the great enhancements you’ll experience.
If you aren’t yet convinced that upgrading your browser is a great move, you will be in a moment.
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Safety: Car airbags were patented in 1953, and first included in automobiles in 1973. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “air bags saved 8,369 lives between 1987 and 2001.” As car technology gets better, and air bags get more sophisticated, it’s safe to assume that air bags and other safety improvements will continue to save more lives.


Just as newer cars have better life-preserving features, modern web browsers are better at keeping your personal data and financial information safe. Here are some of the enhancements you’ll enjoy after downloading a better browser:


  • Stronger encryption (important for online shopping and banking)

  • Pop-up blockers

  • Incognito (private) browsing

  • Warnings about dangerous websites


Gotta go fast: Crawling in at a 45 mph, Ford’s Model T wasn’t exactly a race car. Earlier this year, a world record was set for the fastest two-seater car when it reached a blazing speed of 270 mph! Our cars have gotten a lot faster in the past century.


New cars drive a lot faster and new browsers load websites much more quickly. For example, Lifehacker ran some experiments on how quickly pages are loaded on different browsers, and page loading times have gotten down to mere seconds! Other browser enhancements, like Opera’s Off-Road mode, “compress pages for faster, all-conditions browsing. It helps you stay online when your connection slows down.”


Premium features: Last year I traded in my year 2000 car for a brand new 2013 model and the features are out of this world. Seat warmers, built-in GPS navigation, and self-parking make my daily commute a much more enjoyable experience. Power windows, power steering, and wireless key entry used to be optional at the turn of the century, but these are now standard features in new vehicles.


Similarly, web browsers have evolved over time. Gone are the days when web browsers were text-based. New technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 have made it easier than ever for web developers to let their creative side run wild, enabling websites like The New York Times and Pitchfork to experiment with incredibly immersive reading experiences.


Did you update your browser using the links at the top of the article? If so, take a look at some of these exciting web design experiments that are only possible using a modern browser.


Customizable: Many people add cool accessories to their new car so that it feels more personalized. Adding a steering wheel cover, an air freshener, and some seat covers can help your car stand out from other similar models.


You can do the same for your web browser. Extensions (or add-ons) are accessories that make your browser work better for you. These are some of my favorites on Chrome:



Generally speaking, the features mentioned above are of utmost importance. But modern web browsers also include small tweaks that will improve your internet life.


Tabbed browsing: The ability to have multiple websites running simultaneously within the same window.
Automatic updates: Set it and forget it. Once you install the browser, all updates get taken care of on their own.


Simplicity: Annoying toolbars are all gone now. One bar for searching and entering web addresses. Fewer icons. An increased viewing area. All of these little enhancements make the time you spend on the internet more enjoyable.


How to upgrade your browser

Now that you’ve seen all the wonderful ways that a modern web browser will enhance your internet experience, it’s time to download one.


Here are the best choices:
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari


Migrating to your new browser: Now that you have a fresh, new, up-to-date, modern web browser, I’d like to welcome you to the future. Welcome to the future. There, you’ve now been welcomed.
Upon starting up your new browser, you’ll be given a few options to make the transition smoother. Choose the option to import your bookmarks so that you can keep visiting your favorite sites. Just as important, don’t forget to check the box to make this new browser your default one.


Final words of advice

I cannot emphasize how important it is that your browser is up to date. By taking a few minutes to download a modern web browser or update your existing one, you’ll help protect your idea, avoid malware and viruses from being installed on your computer, and improve the overall experience of browsing the web.


Additionally, web applications like Jimdo use advanced technologies that require modern browsers to work correctly. By having an updated browser, you’ll ensure that you’re able to edit your website, recover your password if you forget it, and have a great experience as you build the website of your dreams.


What's your favorite browser? Do you have other extensions that you use on a daily basis? Let me know in our comments section.


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