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Introducing the New Jimdo Experience

It is a historic day here at Jimdo. Our teams have been working hard to build an entirely new Jimdo experience—one that’s focused on speed, improved design features, and a more intuitive user flow. The end result makes website building easier than ever.


The New Jimdo is Here: Fast, flexible, and better than ever.
As of today, you can switch over to the new Jimdo and start building, rebuilding, or editing your website with the help of an innovative style editor, modern templates, and a completely redesigned user interface.


Without further ado, let us introduce the new Jimdo!



New, modern templates make it easy to find the right look for your site.

Modern templates

It goes without saying that modern website templates should be clean and beautiful. But they should also be easy to customize. Our new templates are both. Each new template comes in numerous pre-styled variations, which you can preview with your page’s content before making a final choice. They are also built for the mobile experience, so your website will look great on any device.


Decide which template is right for you with the Jimdo template filter.


The new style editor gives you access to hundreds of customizable settings.

Flexible style editor

Once you choose a template, Jimdo's easy-to-use style editor gives you access to hundreds of customizable settings. Simply click on a piece of text, a header image, or a background to make it look exactly how you want. We even added Google’s full collection of web fonts and the ability to select from the full range of the color palette, so there’s something there for everyone.


New user interface puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

Faster user interface

Jimdo's intuitive user interface allows anyone to quickly make changes to their website with the simple click of a button. Our new UI comes with improved speed, a more focused design, and better overall flow. You can add photos and text, modify various web pages, embed videos and maps, and connect your website to social media profiles easier and faster than ever before.


Our three founders—Christian, Fridtjof, and Matthias—developed the original Jimdo in an old farmhouse in 2004. Since that time, we’ve grown to a team of 180 passionate people across four countries. With your ongoing support and feedback, we’re excited to see what you can create with the new Jimdo. So here’s to each and every Jimdo user—past, present, and future. Thank you for your support!


If you're new to Jimdo, get started with your free website today! If you're a current Jimdo user, be sure to read our FAQ.



I already have a Jimdo website. How do I activate the new Jimdo experience?
Log in to your Jimdo website and go to Settings > Jimdo > The New Jimdo Experience. Checkmark the "Yes, activate the new Jimdo experience" option and click Save. You’ll get access to the new user interface, and then have the opportunity to choose a new template.


Where can I find more information on the new Jimdo experience?
Our Support Center is ready for you! It’s been updated with detailed explanations of how to use the new Jimdo.


If I change templates, what happens to my original content?
Absolutely nothing. Your content will stay where it is. However, you may have to adjust it to fit the format of the new template. For example, some of the new templates use background and header images differently or have the sidebar in different locations.


Can I still use the old Jimdo and the old templates?
Yes. People can continue using old templates as long as they like. The old user interface (what you see when you are editing your website) will be phased out, but your website, the way it looks, the content, the images, etc. will remain exactly the same unless you change them.


Where can I find the new style editor?
In order to use the new style editor, you must change to one of the new templates. Once you do so, you’ll notice a paint roller icon in the Site Admin box on the right.


Can I give feedback?
Yes! We'd love to hear your opinions about the new Jimdo, so please feel free to write our Support Team with any feedback or suggestions.