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New Jimdo Video Tutorials to Start Your Website

Here on the blog, we write a lot of tutorials and articles on how to create a great website—but sometimes it’s easier to see it done with your own eyes.


New Jimdo Video Tutorials Now Available
That’s why I want to point out some new video tutorials available on our YouTube channel. They start with the basics of Jimdo and then dive deeper into our Style Editor, Online Shop, and the finishing touches that can take your site from good to great. They’re each just a few minutes long so you’ll be able to fit them into your schedule.


Best of all, they feature the soothing voice of our own Brent Gummow, Multi-talento of the Jimdo team (sorry, Brent...I had to say that :)


Want an update the next time we release a new tutorial? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll be the first to know about each premiere.


Here's an example of one of our basic tutorials on using the Jimdo Style Editor:



And, when you're ready, our more detailed walk-throughs will take your skills to the next level:



Those are just two examples; there's plenty more on our YouTube page: Go to Jimdo's YouTube Tutorials


Looking for a tutorial on a particular topic? Let us know in the comments. Hope you enjoy these!