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New Features: Call to Action Buttons, Clipboard & External Links

You've asked, and we've heard you! We're excited to announce a few new features that we think will make your Jimdo websites even better.


Announcing new Jimdo features


New call-to-action buttons

We often talk about how important it is to design your homepage with a strong call-to-action on it, so that your visitors know exactly where to go next.


Now it's even easier to make one with the new Button Element.


Once you add the Button Element, put in the text you want and choose which page you want the button to lead to. Then use the Style Editor to change the background color, borders, and more to match the look of your site. Learn more about using the Button Element in our Support Center.

Button Element Menu You'll find the new Button in the Element Menu.

Button Element Example An example of what a button can look like on your website.

New clipboard: just drag & drop!

The new clipboard helps you move text elements and photo galleries from one page to another. You don’t even need to save and re-upload pictures, because the clipboard allows you to easily move elements from place to place.


Here's how it works: Grab an element at its right border with your mouse and drag it to the top of the screen. You'll see a dark gray bar show up; that's your clipboard. Drop your element here, and the clipboard will hold on to your element until you're ready to use it again. You can drop as many elements onto the clipboard as you want.
How to add an element to your clipboard


Add external links to your navigation

JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness customers are in for another treat. You can now add external links to your navigation (rather than only linking to another page on your site). To try this out, click the chain icon in Edit Navigation and simply add the web address of the external site you want to link to. Awesome and easy, right?

How to add an external link

We hope you enjoy taking these new features for a spin. As always, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments or get in touch directly with our Support Team.