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Jimdo Tip: How To Fix Copied Text Styles

While helping prepare designers for our new partnership with 99designs, I spent time looking at thousands of new Jimdo websites.


I saw one problem pop up time and time again: when people copied text from another website or Microsoft Word and pasted it into their Jimdo website, the text didn't match, and they couldn't change it in the Style Editor.


Here's what I mean:


Example of text formatting issues Does this happen to you?


The problem

The problem is that the styles of the text, the font, and often the background can copy over with the text. Sometimes the text will be subtly different, like the difference between Helvetica and Arial. Other times the text can look drastically different.


The bigger issue is that these text blocks will no longer be affected by the changes you set in the Jimdo Style Editor. So how do you fix this on your website?



The fix

Luckily, Jimdo has an easy fix in place for this problem. Here’s how to remove the extra styles and make sure that all the Text elements on your pages match.


  1. Log into your website and find an instance where this problem is happening.
  2. Click on the Text element to edit it.
  3. Highlight all the content of the Text element by clicking and dragging with your mouse or using control+A (Windows) or command+A (Mac) to select all.
  4. Click the Additional Options button (it looks like three dots.)
  5. Click the Remove formatting button that looks like an eraser, and hit Save.
That’s it! The text should now behave like any other paragraph text on your website, and match the styles you already have in place.


Click on the Remove formatting button Highlight all the problem text, then click on the "Remove formatting" button.


How to keep text formatting issues from happening in the first place

The key to not copying styles along with your text is to paste in plain text. Some users might have this option on their computers, but for others, you can use a few tricks to accomplish the same thing.


The first option is to use a third-party program to strip out the formatting. Everyone has a simple text editing program on their computers. Windows has Notepad and Mac users have a program called TextEdit. By pasting your text into an empty note in those applications, and then copying again out of there and into Jimdo, your text will arrive in plain text with no styles attached.


Another, probably easier, solution is to use the Edit HTML button in the Text element. This button is right next to the Remove formatting button, and it looks like two brackets with a slash through them (</>). Click that and Jimdo will open a small Source Code window. If you paste your text into that, the system will strip out any additional formatting automatically.


Keeping your website professional means keeping it consistent

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Having different fonts in different paragraphs on the same website is a surefire way to make your website look unfinished. By fixing this problem on all the pages of your website, you’ll help ensure that your website looks clean and professional, and provide a seamless experience for your users.


Brent Gummow

Brent Gummow

Multi-talento at Jimdo


Brent Gummow has been building websites for small businesses, non-profits, artists, and educators for the past 17 years in both Ohio and California.

He currently serves as the Multi-talento in Jimdo's San Francisco office, solving problems, educating users, and helping to grow awareness about Jimdo, the easiest website builder on the web.