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5 Jimdo Employees Share Their Websites

Put on a sparkly party hat, grab a cupcake, and get ready to party. We just turned 9! Here at Jimdo, we love birthdays—especially the celebration part. And as much as we’d love to send every one of our customers a homemade cupcake, we thought it’d be easier to celebrate our birthday by sharing some beautiful websites created by our multi-talented Jimdo employees.

Come meet some of the talented people behind the face of Jimdo:


1. Alina & Chris

This is Jimdo employee Alina.


Department: Product Development
Working at Jimdo: Since 2008
Website: Chris & Alina Wedding Photography


This is a photo of Jimdo employee Chris


Department: Product Development
Working at Jimdo: Since 2010
Website: Chris & Alina Wedding Photography


Alina and Chris have been with us since almost the beginning! These two Jimdo veterans work together in Product Development. They stay busy designing and creating awesome new Jimdo products just for you. But even outside of work these two friends share a great passion: photography!


Besides working at Jimdo, Alina has continued to work for several years now as a professional wedding photographer, and Chris has always been passionate about portrait and landscape photography. Both love to travel, drink ginger beer, and are never without their trusty cameras. They’ve united their passion and talents and now travel around the world together taking wedding photographs. As photojournalists, they differ from traditional wedding photographers, and aim to document the unique story of each couple in every photograph.


"In addition to our work at Jimdo, we travel as wedding photographers around the world. We spend our time mainly outside, inspired by nature, and love the moment when two people come together in marriage."


You can’t help but smile when looking at Chris and Alina’s enchanting portfolio website—such striking and dynamic photos! Take a look at their lovely portfolio website:


This is Chris and Alina's website. Want to recreate their elegant and minimalist portfolio website? Use the romantic Rome template.


2. Maria

This is Jimdo employee MariaDepartment: Communications
Working at Jimdo: Since 2013
Website: GlobalMary


Maria is our Communications Guru and has worn many hats since she first arrived at Jimdo in 2013. First, she worked in Russian Customer Support, and now she’s responsible for all International Communications.


Maria is also a keen globetrotter, and fits in perfectly with our cosmopolitan colleagues who come from over 23 countries. Originally from Russia, she emigrated to Sweden to study, and then came to Germany—lucky for us!


"The greatest thing that's ever happened to me is being able to travel around the world making friends! Travel is the best way to truly understand foreign countries and cultures, and you always learn something new about yourself in the process."


Ever the adventurer, she has friends all over the world—in the last five years, she’s visited 22 countries! Inspired by her passion for traveling, she’s created a travel blog: GlobalMary. In GlobalMary, she writes about her varied and wonderful travel experiences, and also offers advice to fellow globetrotters. Maria hopes her Jimdo blog will inspire even more people to explore the world.


Already caught the travel bug and interested in creating your own travel blog? Check out Maria’s beautiful blog for inspiration:


This is Maria's website Maria chose the St. Petersburg template for her travel website because of the practical sidebar.


3. Kai

This is Jimdo employee Kai.Department: Product Development
Working at Jimdo: Since 2012
Website: ZwoHandBreit


Known for his big smile and great sense of humor, Kai has worked at Jimdo as a Project Manager since 2012. He’s not only creative at work, but also enjoys rapping in his free time with his band ZwoHandBreit. Committed to old school hip hop, they founded the band in 2003 and never looked back. We love that their band members are called Captain Cook and Wax Wizard —such awesome names!


"Music is personal—it is our hobby, and free from constraints, rules, and obligations. We are foremost friends, and we hope our audience can hear our enthusiasm in our songs."


Kai uses his Jimdo website to introduce the band and make their music known to a wider audience. Interested in hearing some of their awesome music? You can hear single tracks on their website and buy their albums in their online store.


Take a look at Kai’s hip website:


This is Kai's Jimdo website. The sleek design of the San Francisco template fits perfectly with the funky and creative work of the hip hop crew!


4. Eike-Marie

This is Jimdo employee Eike.Department: Global Customer Support
Years at Jimdo: Since 2011
Website: Reisen und Kochen (Travel and Cooking)


In 2011, Eike-Marie started at Jimdo in Customer Care Online Payment, and worked on many new payment concepts. Eike is now in charge of all the Customer Support Teams—with 8 country teams, this is no small feat!


Like so many other Jimdo colleagues, she’s also been gifted with wanderlust. If she’s not on the road traveling, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes she’s brought back from her adventures. She documents her cooking and travel explorations in her travel and cooking blog.


"If it were up to me, I would constantly travel. I’m constantly thinking where I would like to go next. When I'm home, I enjoy cooking and thinking of new recipes inspired by my travels."


Looking for some delicious recipes or a fantastic getaway, check out her fresh and colorful blog:


This is Eike's Jimdo website. Great minds think alike! Eike's website also uses the charming Rome template.


5. Jasmin

This is Jimdo employee JasminDepartment: Communications
Years at Jimdo: Since 2012
Website: Felice Vagabonde


Jasmin started working at Jimdo in 2012 in the German Customer Support Team. She now writes helpful and inspiring blog posts and oversees social media in Germany.


A creative soul, she enjoys painting, writing, and creating music in her spare time. She also works as a freelance illustrator under the stage name Felice Vagabonde. She mainly illustrates for magazine and newspaper articles, as well as brochures, flyers, and other print products.


“Illustration tells stories in endless different way—it accompanies texts, actions, products and more. It explains circumstances, highlights context and connection, and helps us to understand. In the best case, illustration inspires you to start thinking, even after you've finished the article and put the magazine aside.”


Check out her striking portfolio website of illustrations:


This is Jasmin's Jimdo website. Jasmin is also a fan of the Rome template, however, she’s also personalized her website with CSS.


And there you have it—five stunning websites created by our very own Jimdo employees. Leave a comment below if you have any questions on how to create a website just as beautiful as the ones you see above.


Laura Barry

Laura Barry

Writer and Editor at Jimdo


Laura joined Jimdo to create fresh and fun content for the blog, newsletter, and social media. In her previous work, she worked as a copywriter and managing editor for several educational and children’s book publishers. When Laura isn’t researching blog post ideas, you can find her strolling in the StadtPark with her husband, reading Young-adult fiction, or ‘dancing’ at a Zumba class.