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3 Secret Jimdo Templates You’re Sure to Love

Last week, my colleague Laura told you all about Jimdo’s most popular templates. There’s wide-open Zurich, flashy Rio, and easy-to-use Berlin. All three have risen to the top to become our users’ favorites.


But out of all of Jimdo’s responsive templates, I want to take a moment to highlight some of the lesser known ones. The unsung heros. The wallflowers. The hidden gems.


If you’re looking for a template that’s off the beaten path, be sure to give these three a chance:

Yes that’s right, all of Jimdo’s templates are now mobile responsive! That means your website will look just right on any size screen—desktop, phone, or tablet. To take advantage of the new responsive templates, you just need to log in and update your site. It will make your website much easier for your visitors to use! Learn more about how to do this.


Of course we love a template named after Jimdo’s own city—but the Hamburg template really has a lot to offer. Why will you love it? It has a unique navigation system that makes it perfect for online stores and multilingual websites.


Hamburg has what we call a “split navigation.” This means that your primary menu items appear in a horizontal row at the top of the page, and any subpages appear in a separate menu on the left or right side of the page.


This is different from the more common “dropdown menu.” The advantage? Once your user is on a subpage, the entire menu stays visible on the side. This makes it very easy to browse different pages, especially different categories of an online shop.


It’s also a great option for multilingual websites, where the top navigation is used to split into different languages, and secondary navigation provides the content in each language. See the Freedom & Spirit website above for a good example of Hamburg in practice.

Design Tip: Because of its unique navigation, Hamburg looks best for websites that have subpages. If you don’t have any subpages, the space on the side of your web page will just appear blank. For websites with only a few pages and no subpages, try a template like Rio de Janeiro or Cairo instead. 

St. Petersburg

Have a logo that’s tall or square? Looking to blog or set up an online shop? If you answered yes to these questions, then definitely give the St. Petersburg template a second look.


While most users gravitate towards templates with sidebars on the bottom, a template like St. Petersburg with the sidebar on the left or right is a great option. The information you put in the sidebar appears on every page of your website, so it’s the perfect place to keep a short introductory paragraph, your contact information, your social media icons, or your blog archive.


St. Petersburg works well whether or not you have subpages, and its narrow Content Area makes it easy to neatly organize your elements.


For examples of two very different websites both using St. Petersburg, check out the travel blog and the online store

Design Tip: St. Petersburg has a relatively small area in the top left corner for your logo. This means it works best for logos that are tall and square. If you have a horizontal logo or would rather your logo appear larger, check out templates Barcelona and Miami.


You’d expect the City of Love to get a little bit more love when it comes time to choose a template. But the Paris template is still a hidden gem that not many Jimdo users know about.


If you like the minimalism of a slide-out menu but still want your menu items to be visible at all times, Paris is the template for you. With a large logo area, sidebar on the bottom, vertical navigation menu, and a huge area to show off a background image, Paris provides the best qualities of many templates. We also love the subtle animation when you scroll over the different menu items.


Use the Paris template if you want a modern and sleek website with clean lines. For example, a business website in simple black and white with an architectural background image would look as splendid as the city itself.

Design tip: Because your navigation menu will appear over your background image, make sure there is enough contrast between the two so that the text is easy to read.

Any other templates you love that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking for more examples of Jimdo sites using all sorts of different templates, check out our Examples page.

Maggie Biroscak 

Content Editor at Jimdo

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