Jimdo's History

Who started Jimdo?

Christian, Fridtjof, and Matthias are the founders of Jimdo. But the whole team continues to help build and promote Jimdo's amazing product. If you haven't tried Jimdo yet, be sure to build a free website today.


How did Jimdo start?

In 2004, the three founders launched NorthClick (the precursor to Jimdo) in an old farmhouse in northern Germany. Without a penny to their names, they moved into Fridtjof's parent's farmhouse and started developing the online software that became the core of Jimdo.


Shortly after founding the company, they won a business plan competition, which gave them around $20,000. That, combined with some early agreements and their first customers, gave them enough money to move to Hamburg and rent their first office. As time passed, Jimdo steadily expanded—moving into a bigger office and working with a growing number of customers. 

More and more people continued to ask the founders whether they could use their system for personal sites. The founders were all really excited by all of the cool sites new users created—three guys used it to document their sailing trip from Germany to Australia, others used it for personal websites, and some even used it to promote their bands. More importantly, the feedback was just unbelievable. That's when the idea was born to give away what you now know as Jimdo. Simply put—Pages to the People!


Profitable since 2009 without venture capital, Jimdo now has a passionate team of 180 people in Hamburg, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Jimdo is available in 8 languages and has helped people build over 20 million websites.