For Immediate Release - March 27, 2008

Jimdo is launching new features: the private website will develop as an additional destination point

Hamburg (Germany), March 27, 2008 - “We asked ourselves what could be a follow up to Social Networks,” Co-Founder Matthias Henze says of Jimdo’s vision. “We came to the conclusion that users need an additional place on the web that focuses on the individual, rather than on the community,” Henze continues. “A place where the users can determine what they publish, what their web presence looks like, and who can access what information. If the user would also be able to use this place to communicate the same way they do so on Social Networks, then this place would certainly develop as an additional destination point for the friends and family of the users. It would especially make sense if this site is connected to a personal domain.”


A personal, private website could be the ideal destination point as long as it doesn’t lack the right communication features. Jimdo ( has been offering a very easy to use and flexible online website creator since its launch in February last year. Today the young start-up has additionally released social features such as adding friends, sending messages and keeping track of friends’ newsfeeds. “With this release the website is no longer a presentation-only format, it’s far more interactive. In addition, we’re one step closer in transforming the website into a destination point for the friends and family.”, Henze sums up the release.


Users have been using Jimdo to present their hobbies (, their favorite sports (, their music (, their family ( and their small business ( With the update today, they’ll also be able to actively communicate with their Social Contacts!


About Jimdo

Jimdo is a Web 2.0-based and completely novel website creation tool which allows people to build their own fancy and unique homepage – for free! The use of Jimdo is very easy: within seconds users can integrate texts, picture galleries and videos. Additionally, Jimdo-Pages have a password-protected area, a newsletter system, a guestbook, interfaces to YouTube, flickr, – and the data transfer is of course also included! For further information please visit


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